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The best destinations for your holidays

Italy and Spain are two beautiful destinations that attract many tourists every year. Yet they have many places that are still undiscovered. Vesuvio Tour has selected authentic places where you still can enjoy the real daily life of the inhabitants.

Naples, Roma, Florence, the Vesuvio or the Etna, who have never seen at least once a postcard or a picture of these cities? Absolute masterpieces that testify the important economic and cultural role that Italy always had during its history, probably for its central position into the Mediterranean Sea. Italy is a land where in thousands of history many different cultures have left their mark: Arabic, Persian, Greek, Normans, and so on. Is possible nowadays to admire this heritage visiting the extensive archaeological sites all over the boot, from North to South. Italy is worldwide known for its incredible heritage of art and culture.

What makes Spain such a unique country are the different uses and products. Some are regional, such as the Paella Valenciana in Valencia, Pinxos which has its roots in the Basque Country, dance flamenco from Andalusia and the human towers of Catalonia. Other cultural practices and dishes that are used throughout Spain are the hospitality, tapas, sangria and of course the siesta. Every region has its own traditions, you will not be bored so quickly in this unique country!

Italy has 51 spot declared by UNESCO world heritage and the 75% of the whole worldwide heritage is in Italy. Italy is also a land of excellent food. Every region can delight the guests with delicious dishes prepared from the abundant fruits that Mother Nature gave without exception! “La Bella Vita” people say because after a holiday enjoyed in Italy you will never forget the stunning landscape, the excellent food, and the warm welcoming!
Spain has 45 spots declared by the UNESCO World Heritage List and thus occupies the second place on the list after Italy. The most famous are of course the works of Antoni Gaudi, which he built between 1883 and 1917.

Italy and Spain are both wonderful and each region has something special to offer. We have selected those that match with our project of tourism: far from the mass tourism, convenient and real. Come and discover it with Vesuvio Tour!