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Torino and Province

Turin and Ivrea: among the most popular destinations

Turin is an Italian town and capital of the Piedmont region and is one of the major university, artistic, tourist, scientific and cultural centers of Italy. In its territory there are areas and buildings included in two assets protected by UNESCO: some palaces and areas that are part of the circuit of residences in Piedmont.. In 2006 it was home to the Winter Olympic Games and is still the birthplace of some Italian records of the "Made in Italy" in the world as the Vermut, the chocolate gianduia and the famous "bicherin".. The city is very famous for the complex of the Italian automotive industry, from here comes the famous Fiat

The city of Ivrea is an Italian municipality in the metropolitan city of Turin. It is considered the nerve center of the Canavese and in 2018 becomes part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

The Cultural Heritage recognized by UNESCO has maintained over time its original architectural features and the original outdoor spaces, in fact, the change in the type of production that Ivrea has invested in recent years has led to purely functional modifications for some buildings that have not altered the original design, architectural and compositional qualities, as well as the highly symbolic value of the industrial and socio-economic experience of Ivrea as a whole.

The Ivrea Carnival is a unique event in which history and legend intertwine to give life to a great popular civic festival with strong symbolic value, during which the community of Ivrea celebrates its capacity for self-determination recalling an episode of liberation from the tyranny of medieval memory.

Best known for the spectacular Battle of Oranges that takes place for three days in the main squares of the city