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Friday 26 June 2020

Best Holiday Destinations in Sicily For Wine Lovers

Top 5 Wine Estates in Sicily by VesuvioTour

Nothing seems to be more important than food in Sicily, or as we know in Italian culture – the wine! They say that every wine has a story, and Sicilian wine has many stories to tell due to its cultural diversity. After all, they say In Vino Veritas. Sicily is considered to be the cradle of the Italian wine production, as researchers in 2012 have found traces of wine production at least 6,000-year-old, which predates the 3,000-year-old discovery from Sardinia. Sicily is also the biggest wine producer in Italy!

After travelling for so many years, we have decided to make a list of top 5 wine spots across Sicily, specifically for wine lovers, but as well for any reader who wishes to embark on a wine journey with us. With no further ado, according to our tasting buds and holiday appeal, these are the places to visit, or at least stop by to have a fine glass of wine!

1. Wine Resort in the Heart of Etna

Name: Cavanera Etnea

Location: Contrada Verzella, Castiglione di Sicilia (Catania)

Fly and Drive Etna, Sicily

The Cavanera Wine Resort is a stunning property on the slopes of Mount Etna, situated about 600 metres above the sea level. This unique position was chosen by Di Gaetano family, among six others that follow the Firriato wine-making method. Firriato was founded by Salvatore di Gaeatano in the 1980’s, and today it presents a wine production brand that has stood out by its quality and organic approach.

Why we love it: It was a warm day of spring when we arrived at Cavanera, warm enough to feel the upcoming hot Sicilian summer and to jump into the swimming pool that was still under construction. Luckily, instead of that Rosita showed us their amazing wine cellar where we could feel some cool breeze and admire their wine collection. What a welcome indeed! Perhaps the most memorable moment was taking a long walk in the vineyard and admiring the sight of the powerful Etna. A sight, for sure, to make you remember this wine resort in Sicily.

Cavanera Etnea - wine resort

2.The Best Panoramic View On The Slopes of Etna

Resort Barone di Villagrande

Location: Etna, Catania

Fly and Drive Catania, Sicily

Another amazing vineyard on the slopes of Etna that has been cultivating wine since 1727 has a long history of wine production passing through 10 generations now. Overlooking the coast of Taormina on the island of Salina, this special spot under the sun gives you a pure taste of the territory to be remembered for.

Why we love it: Surely, one of our favourite holidays and Wine Resorts in Sicily! They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and Barone di Villagrande just gives you that dream-setting experience. All that you can imagine: the panoramic view over the vineyards, the swimming pool made from the black stones of Etna, the restaurant with traditional cuisine and of course, an extended wine list - creates a perfect holiday for wine lovers in Catania! We have slept (Gianluca) in the Suite Mannera, and it was superb with a view over the luscious greenery and a magnificent landscape that made us feel as part of the Sicilian nature.

wine resort Barone di VIllagrande

3. Historic Vineyard For Relaxation In Marsala

Baglio Donna Franca

Location: Marsala (Trapani)

Fly and Drive Marsala, Sicily

Located in the heart of the “Strada del vino e dei Sapori del Marsala”, this historic Sicilian wine estate carries its name as a homage to Franca Florio, an important and well-known figure of the noble Florio family. Today is one of the most prestigious wine producers in Sicily thanks to the Ansaldi family that renovated it since 2006. All their local farm products, including wine, bread, pasta and olive oil are exclusively organic.

Why we love it: Sleeping at Baglio Donna Franca will make you feel like you are immersing into a part of the history of the Florio family in the heart of Marsala. A mix of antique and modern furnished touch will make you feel noble, or at least make you imagine the older days of this historic wine estate. The Ansaldi family will make you feel most welcome and the sunset just over the swimming pool will dare you to take a last swim before saying goodnight, or perhaps to taste Marsala wine known for its sweetness!

Baglio Donna Franca - Wine resort

4. Wine Resort As An Oasis of Peace

Foresteria Planeta Resort

Location: Menfi (Agrigento)

Fly and Drive Agrigento, Sicily

La Foresteria wine estate stands on a green hill with a splendid view over the countryside near Menfi and just 4 km away from the crystal-clear sea and the beaches of Porto Palo. It is a peaceful oasis, surrounded by natural herbs and flora, just enough hidden from the main road, but close enough to make you feel the ocean breeze.

Why we love it: One of the first things to strike your senses at the Foresteria Planeta Resort is the smell of the flora and herbivore around you: lavender, thyme, rosemary, and even lemongrass! The smells of Sicily will seduce you along with the enchanting quietness of the place that will make you feel like you are in an oasis of peace. The view is exceptional! Staring at the sea from a vineyard is not as common as you might think, especially for a wine resort. If the closeness of the beach doesn’t amaze you, then for sure, their cuisine will! Chef Angelo Pumilia is known for his unique dishes strongly rooted in Sicilian tradition.

Foresteria-Wine resort

5. Wine Farm To Captivate Your Senses

Baglio Occhipinti

Location: Vittoria, Ragusa

Fly and Drive Ragusa, Sicily

This beautiful Sicilian farm estate dates back from 1860, surrounded by vineyards and olive garden groves, and you are welcome to pick fresh oranges, mandarins and figs for your breakfast! Just 15 min away from the beach, you are in the heart of the vineyards of "Cerasuolo di Vittoria", a family owned organic wine estate. The wine of Baglio Occhipinti has only one goal: "Each glass must be able to enhance the dish and evoke the history of our land"!

Why we love it: For sure, this was one of the warmest journey experiences we had in Sicily, thanks to Bruno, our host and the architect who designed the restoration of the Baglio Occhipinti, with his sweet daughter Fausta. That evening Bruno played some guitar for us, as we gazed upon the stars and enjoyed a fine glass of wine, made from the grapes that grew just a few meters from us. In the morning, having breakfast under the almond tree and listening to the birds singing, made us feel like home, and what more to expect from a holiday? More wineries? That is correct, since Baglio Occhipinti is surrounded by many other local Sicilian farms and wine producers where you can explore and expand your wine journey in Ragusa. Indeed, a remarkable treat!

Baglio Occhipinti - wine resort

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Written by Gianluca