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Between the Etna and the sea

Catania is one of the pearls of Sicily, located halfway between the Etna volcano and the Mediterranean Sea, with its charm attracts thousands of tourists every year. The unique architecture derived from the use of lava stone to build many of the buildings, the sea breeze that reach its streets, certainly make it a must-to-visit if you are in Sicily.

Our suggestions: the historic center of Catania, rich in monuments characterized by lava stone, churches, markets, such as the one on Monday and perhaps the most evocative of La Pescheria fish market, a stone's throw from Piazza Duomo. The market is open as long as there are customers and fresh fish to sell. A typical Sicilian market, colorful, filled by the screams of the fishermen who sell the catch of the day, entranced by the typical smells of the Mediterranean, will make you live an unforgettable experience.

Piazza Duomo where the statue of the elephant stands, is the symbol of Catania. According to the legend it would protect it from the eruptions of Etna. The fountain in Piazza Duomo takes its name from the magician and necromancer Eliodoro who, according to legend, was astride the elephant as he headed to Constantinople. In Piazza Duomo you can still visit the Palazzo degli Elefanti, the Palazzo dei Chierici and the Cathedral, absolutely not to be missed.

The daily tour of Catania continue in Via Etna, built in such a way as to get always an excellent view of Mount Etna, and is the shopping and walking street too. The Benedictine Monastery, one of the largest monastic complexes in Europe and UNESCO World Heritage Site, preserves within it wonders such as the hanging garden and a Roman domus.