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Lake District (Lago Maggiore, Lago d’Orta, Lago di Mergozzo)

a mirror of water in Piemonte

The Lake District is recognized by the Piedmont region as a Local Tourist Reception and Promotion Agency for the tourist area that includes Lake Maggiore, Lake Orta, Lake Mergozzo and the Ossola Valleys which are the main points of interest.
Lago Maggiore
Lake Maggiore is a pre-alpine lake that extends between Switzerland and Italy. It is the second largest lake in Italy after Lake Garda.
To the west of Lake Maggiore is the archipelago of the Borromean Islands including Isola Madre and Isola Bella that belong to the Borromeo family.
The island of the Fishermen is the only one inhabited stably, even if from a small community, while the two islands "sisters" are coveted between the tourists who admire the two splendid palaces and the relative gardens, famous throughout Europe for the quality of the landscape and for the care and variety of plant architecture, composed of over 2000 varieties of different species.
Lago d'Orta
Lake Orta, or Cusio, is located west of Lake Maggiore: it is the westernmost of the pre-alpine lakes of northern Italy, located entirely in Piedmont.
In the central area of the eastern shore stands the village that over time gave its name to the Lake, once called Cusio, as Cusio was, and is still today, the area where it is located. Orta San Giulio, renowned and romantic holiday resort, is dominated by its Sacro Monte, with its 20 chapels frescoed by Morazzone. In front of it is the island of San Giulio, with the homonymous Basilica of sec. IV, rebuilt in the IX and XI centuries.
Lago di Mergozzo
The Lake of Mergozzo is a small and crystal clear water that is located in Verbano Cusio Ossola, in Piedmont, a few kilometers from the Borromeo Gulf and then from Verbania to Baveno. On the small lake faces the small town that gives name to the Lake: Mergozzo.
The Lake of Mergozzo is definitely a magnificent place to relax and enjoy in peace the natural beauty nearby.

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