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strategic island of the Phoenicians

Mothia, the island of the Phoenicians. Rich and strategic island of the Phoenicians, Mozia is connected to the mainland by a narrow road just below the water surface, only passable at low tide. Otherwise, a boat will take you on the other side within minutes. The island of Mozia (or even Mothia Motya), in the middle of the lagoon, the Lagoon, extends for almost forty-five hectares (since 1984 is the regional natural reserve of the Islands of the Lagoon of Marsala) is enclosed between the north coast of Sicily Marsala and Long Island, facing the salt pans of Trapani. The Island (now San Pantaleo) is a small jewel natural and archaeological heritage, whose name is linked to the Whitaker family, wealthy English merchants who bought the early '900, giving rise to the excavations that have unearthed evidence of great interesse.

But the stop in Mozia is fulfilled with a visit to the Villa Whitaker, now a museum, which not only collect about 10,000 pieces found during excavations, the famous home of lovely young Mozia, a beautiful Greek marble statue of the second half of the fifth century BC, discovered in 1979.

Accommodations in this area:

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