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Campobasso and Isernia

In the province of Campobasso there are countless things to see. Bagnoli del Trigno, in the province of Isernia, is one of the most beautiful villages in Molise. Likewise Sepino is also one of the most delightful towns in Italy and besides the charm of the village there are the remains of the Samnite and then Roman city of Altilia. Close to the village there are cattle tracks that were already crossed by herds in Roman times, that connecting the towns Pescasseroli and Candela.
The surroundings of Isernia are bursting with curious places, villages to visit and paths to discover on foot.
Oasi WWF di Gurdiaregia – Campochiaro
To rediscover contact with nature we suggest you visit the natural oases and reserves of Molise. Discover the Oasi WWF di Gurdiaregia – Campochiaro, a protected natural area established in 1996 on the Molise territory of Matese with its flora and fauna. Or visit the fascinating Montedimezzo Nature Reserve (MaB - Man and Biosphere - UNESCO World Heritage Reserve), an area of biodiversity in the province of Isernia recognized worldwide for its high naturalistic value that hosts numerous species of mammals such as wild boar, hares, badgers, roe deer, martens, weasels, martens, foxes and squirrels.
• Castelpetroso
Castelpetroso comparable to Lourdes of Molise. The sanctuary, which looks like a fairytale castle in the woods, was built on the site of the apparition of the Madonna and is a place of pilgrimage for visitors from all over the world. The Via Matris, 750 meters long, connects the sanctuary to the place of the apparitions of the divided into seven stations that correspond to the seven sorrows of the Virgin Mary.
• Scapoli
Scapoli is famous for the construction of the bagpipes and for the International Bagpipe Festival. In the shops of the historic center you can watch the construction of the bagpipes.

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La Piana dei Mulini