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the city of the bells

Agnone, a very special little town situated at 850 m. above sea level on the river Verrino. Here, in the papal foundry owned by Pasquale Marinelli, bells are manufactured since the 1300. Its story begins in 1339, when an ancestor of Marinelli, Nicodemus, recorded his name on the bell of the church of Agnone, the large parish of St. Emidio. From then on, the Marinelli family members begin to heritage from father to son the craft, using the same techniques used by their ancestors. The success of these bells is linked not only to the secular experience of those who manufacture, but especially the quality of their sounds, as powerful as pure, obtained by very precise calculations of weight, thickness, diameter and height of each bell.

Marinelli foundry made bells for the most prestigious churches in the world. Here was the prepared bell for the Jubilee, which has a diameter of 6 feet and weighs 5 tons. To build it, the Marinelli foundry workers have worked for over a year, when the normal processing cycle of a bell usually takes about three months. The first stroke of "Jubilaeum MM" is the name of the bell, took place in the churchyard of St. Peter's in Rome. The note with which resounded the great bell was a Sol, which was immediately followed by the synchronized sound of bells from around the world who have so opened the Holy Year and welcomed the start of the new millennium.