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the beating engine heart

Modena is a city full of priceless treasures to be discovered in peace.
The Cathedral, the Ghirlandina tower and Piazza Grande, belonging to the UNESCO World Heritage List. The seventeenth-century ducal palace, now the headquarters of the Military Academy. The Gallery and the Estense library with works of art of great value.

Unlike the rest you need to take to admire the architectural jewels of the city's rich, it is also the city of speed, cars and motorcycles, the heart of the Motor Valley! The birthplace of Enzo Ferrari. Auto racing and luxury cars are the figurehead for Modena. Besides the new Enzo Ferrari Museum, there are several places within a few kilometers dedicated to cars, factories and motorcycles: The Museum Stanguellini, the Museum of vintage cars and motorcycles Umberto Panini, the Righini collection, Pagani, the new Autodromo di Modena and nearby in Bologna, Ducati and Lamborghini.
Modena is also world famous for the good food. You probably know this city from the lambrusco di Modena DOP, traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena DOP prosciutto di Modena DOP and other local products. In restaurants you can authentic and traditional cuisine from the region such as rosette al forno (rolled pasta rolls / florets from the oven with ham, béchamel), risotto al balsamico, cotechino (boiled specialiteits sausage), tortellini di Ricotta, lasagna, gnocco fritto (fried bread / pizza dough).
Modena surprised the visitors with the beautiful architectural gems, magical art, delicious dishes that tickle your delicate taste and gorgeous cars and bikes!