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the pearl of Apulia, charming on the sea

Monopoli is a city born on the sea and also living from the sea. His old town is a strong attraction due to the presence of many restaurants and trattorias, where it is possible to taste fish dishes. Of course there is no shortage of bars, craft shops or "food", typical of Southern Italy.
One way to visit Monopoli is to leave its charming port at any time of the day, and enter the city for those arriving from the sea, with a doc urban landscape, the primordial spirit of a city born on water. In the cove of the ancient natural harbor, the “vozz” (gozzo), the typical local boat, all in wood, with its characteristic light blue and red colors, is still sheltered. Among the buildings to visit there is the Palazzo Martinelli Meo-Evoli, built on eighteenth-century walls, with a wonderful loggia on the sea, with eight neo-Gothic arches.
Between narrow lanes paved with chianche, between arches and noise, sea air creeps in: smells that mix with the scents of a freshly laid laundry or meatballs and ragout cooked for hours and fleeing from the typical green shutters, almost always open. These houses once inhabited in particular by fishermen, whose children and grandchildren can meet, here and there, still today intent on patching up fishing nets.
They are the fascinating atmospheres of a still living maritime culture that are revealed above all at nightfall when the fishing fleet arrives at the port. Between shouts and agitated movements, various scents and colors, a microcosm comes to life that contains the authentic values โ€‹โ€‹of a Mediterranean and Levantine tradition.