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Fly & Drive to Azores

One of the best Fly and Drive destinations in Portugal to visit are for sure the Azores Islands! This unique archipelago consists of nine islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, portrays the true “slow travel” spirit with many things to explore. Step away from the mass tourism and plan your daily trips from one island to another, as each is unique and enchanting with its raw natural scenery. Mother nature is still in charge here, making the Azores Islands a perfect treat for adventurous souls who like exciting outdoor activities besides sunbathing. It is also an oasis of relaxation for couples and families who are looking for a memorable holiday. Find out why São Miguel is nicknamed “The Green Island” or how the traditional meal cooked in a volcano tastes like!
We have organized the following tours in the Azores Islands:
  • 7 Nights Luxury On the Enchanting Azores Islands

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A leap to heaven

7 nights from: €210 p.p. Info & booking