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Discover the outback of Montenegro

Visit All The Natural Attractions of Montenegro

The diversity of natural environments, climate and flora have caused a great diversity and wealth of fauna. Montenegro is particularly rich in wild animals (deer, wolves, wild boar, bears, etc.) and especially birds (woodcock, duck, eagle, hawk, etc.). This natural wealth has not been damaged by industrial development and pollution, it is protected by law and in 1991 Montenegro was proclaimed Ecological State, the first in the world.

There are four national parks in Montenegro; Lovčen, Lake Scutari, Durmitor and the Mountain of Biograd. The national park of Durmitor and the Gulf of Kotor have been proclaimed the natural heritage of humanity under the protection of UNESCO.

Lake Scutari is the largest lake in the Balkans and the rivers that run through the mountains form deep canyons of rare beauty. These environments create opportunities for fishing (in lakes and rivers), for hunting and for the practice of different sports and recreational activities.