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Discover Sardinia Far From Mass Tourism

Sardinia is the second biggest island in the Mediterraneo (the biggest is Sicily) and is well known as a paradise for beach lovers: amazing coasts line, white and sandy beaches, crystal clear water degrading from deep blue to turquoise colours. Certainly the main tourist attractions, but Sardinia has thousands of years of history still to discover, far from the mass toursim like the interesting Nuraghi, middle age villages like Castelsardo or Bosa, and a wide tasty range of typical food that is inspired from the country side and the sea.

Sardinia is probably the wildest region in Italy, a region where the industrialization has been never strongly developed, leaving Mother Nature almost intact. There are areas where little peculiar horses run free (I cavallini della Giara), where rare exemplar of Monk seal (Foca Monaca) have been sighted in the west coast; or the mountains of Gennargentu, rich in flora and fauna, such as wild mouflons, golden eagles, Sardinian deer!

A Holiday in Sardinia is surely a Eno-gastronomic paradise! From the vast choice of typical dishes we have made a list of do-not-miss-to-eat: Casizolu (special cheese), and Casu marzu (cheese with warms!),
Pane carasau (crunchy thin bread), Porceddu (roasted pork), Gamberi Rossi di Alghero (red prawns from Alghero), Bottarga (dried mullet roe) or the delicious Culurgiones ogliastrini (ravioli met potatoes and cheese). Wine is also excellent in Sardinia, with the famous Cannonau or the Mirto a sweet after dinner made from myrtle. Of course make an aperitivo "sardo" with fries Crocchias and a Ichnusa beer!

Sardinia has one spot rewarded as World heritage by Unesco:
  • Nuraghe Barumini
Curiosity: With a population of 1.6 million, Sardinia has confirmed to have the world's highest documented percentage of people who have passed the century threshold!