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Central Croatia

Central Croathia

Central Croatia is an excellent starting point to fall in love with its peculiarities. The capital breathes culture and urban art with the thousands of faces of festivals and events. The green paths that leave from Zagreb and wind through the central region of the country lead to enchanted sites such as the Plitvice lakes and the Dubovac castle.

Central Croatia is a land of wide fields and rounded hills of vineyards, but it is above all rich in hospitable people.

One of the most beautiful nature excursions you can do in Croatia is certainly the one at Plitvice National Park, an extraordinary natural scenery where the protagonist is water: within an area rich in vegetation, rivers and streams flow into sixteen lakes forming suggestive waterfalls. Inside the park you can take exciting walks in the middle of the water, walking on wooden walkways that wind along the entire profile of the lakes. There are paths of different length, suitable both for those who just want a relaxing walk and for those who prefer a demanding trek.