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Rovinj is located at the sea but grows on a hill dominated by the Church of S. Eufemia. Following your gaze in the direction of the bell tower, you will see the entire historic center gathered within walls and paved with slippery stones that lead to the top. From Rovinj you can appreciate the views of the old houses with their clothes hanging, the light that creeps in from the cracks, the climbing plants that frame the windows.

It is from Rovinj that several daily excursions with private boats leave, including the one to the Island of Sant'Andrea.

Cars are prohibited, the roads are too narrow and the stones are too smooth, we advise you to leave the port through the ice cream parlors and then get lost in the streets that lead to the Church of S. Eufemia. The top of the hill can be an excellent observation point from which to choose which island to visit.

And this is how the days go: a swim, an ice cream, a walk, an excursion on an island, a fish dinner. Could this be the perfect vacation destination?