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The Project of VesuvioTour.com

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VesuvioTour.com has born from an idea by Gianluca.

I am a graduate in Sociology, passionate about writing and travel, which has always sought after a new culture to explore and new territory to cross, following an inner need to grow throughout meeting many different people across the world. During numerous travels, I discovered marvelous places and exceptional people that have given me my moral and spiritual point of view. Even time that I return to my land, however, upon seeing the Bay of Naples kissed by the Mediterranean sun, I always have the impression that this is the most beautiful place, with the most fascination and attraction.

I believe that a trip should always represent the opportunity of coming in contact with the people of the place, their culture, in search of a point to enrich oneself. I believe in a return to simplicity and traditions against the fast paced bustle of the city. We need a time out from the velocity of city stress and fortunately the region of Campania conserves all the places which have been little overrun by masses tourism, yet still rich in history, fascination and immersed in verdant green.

"I have personally visited the accommodations and selected only the one with these features: a welcoming owner, immersed in a lovely and quiet environment, convenient price/quality, organic food or wine production, good position for your excursions."

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