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A fantastic combination of city and beaches for families and group of friends

This famous coastal town is coincidentally the second largest city in the southern part of the Valencia region. Alicante has a beautiful marina where you can check out lots of boats. It is a cosy city where one can walk from the centre directly to the boulevard, surrounded by countless palm trees and many restaurants. Typically to this long, cosy boulevard are the old wooden chairs that locals take with them to enjoy the shade and to spot people. When you reach the end of the boulevard you can find the Alicante beach. It is a large, popular beach where you can enjoy beach volleyball and water sports.

Castillo de Santa Barbara

The castle of Santa Barbara is located on top of a hill that is 166 metres high. Until the mid 90’s this castle was used as a prison. Due to its high position you can enjoy a fabulous view of the sea and the city. One can visit the castle by foot, which is doable if you are the sporty type, but there is also a lift. On the way you can find beautiful but steep paths and you can come across gorgeous flora and fauna. Once you reach the top of the hill you can admire the castle and there is also a museum with various old objects. It is highly recommended to enjoy the views during sunset and to make take some great snapshots.

The Santa Cruz neighbourhood
This small working-class area is without a doubt the most beautiful in Alicante. A network of narrow traffic free streets with white roofs decorated with colourful flowers and tiles. It is an authentic neighbourhood where one can notice elderly people sitting on plastic chairs in front of their houses and where children play together on the street. In the meantime the laundry is hung outside and women water the flowerpots. These are the street scenes of this beautiful neighbourhood. It is as if the time stands still in Santa Cruz!

Shopping in Alicante
From large shopping centres to small boutiques; you can find it all in Alicante. There are many shops with handcrafted products from the province such as bags, shoes, colourful ceramics and carpets. There are also gastronomic delicacies to taste such as nougat, olives, dates and chocolate. Along the boulevard one can find stands laden with souvenirs and small gadgets for sale. The prices here are relatively compared to other large cities of Spain such as Valencia or Barcelona. A perfect spot for shopaholics. The ‘Rambla Méndez Núñez’ is the most famous and largest shopping street in Alicante. During the high season it can get very warm in the city so an option could be to cool off and shop at Plaza Mar 2. Here one can grab a bite to eat, take your children to the playground or to watch a movie.

Noche de San Juan

San Juan is an age-old traditional party which is celebrated by coastal towns in Spain rigorously every year on the 23rd and 24th of June. The Spaniards celebrate the arrival of summer during this festival. Water and fire are central symbols of the event and are meant to represent purification. Especially in Alicante this is celebrated largely and there it is even an official holiday there. The parties take place every day and it resembles the ‘Las Fallas’ in Valencia. Even in Valencia people gather at the beach around campfires. It is meant to bring luck when the clock strikes 12 to jump over a wave. If you would like to be purified from evil, then you can jump through flames. This is a fun tradition full of lively atmosphere.