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A culinary sea town

Roses was once an old Greek colony but nowadays it is a touristic seaside resort on the Costa Brava. In the past the town was an important fishing village and although there are a lot of tourists, it is still a large source of income for many inhabitants. Roses also maintains the largest fishing fleet of the Costa Brava. The town is located 30 kilometers from the French border and therefore one can notice many French touches in Roses. On practically every street corner you can find a ‘creperie’ and besides Spanish you can hear French being spoken too. This spot offers many beaches and bays amongst the rocks where many visitors can practice different watersports in the nearby nature parks Aiguamolls de l'Empordà.

Ruins of Empúries
The Empúries are ruins along the coast and is located close to the town L’escala. You do not have to be passionate about history or archeology to succumb to the charm of the findings of Empuries. The Greeks established themselves here in the 6th century B.C., and were later followed by the Romans. This happened not only for strategic reasons because of its location, but also because of the undeniable beauty of this enclave. It is possible to visit The Empuries thanks to the archeological excavation in 1908. With an audiophone one can check out the many “rooms” and it feels as if you are experiencing it. Next to the archaeological excavations there is a museum that you can visit.

El Bulli
El Bulli is the restaurant where they make art from food. The 3 Michelin-starred restaurant is located in Roses and it was open between 1962 and July 2011. It is internationally renown for the gastronomic work by the Spanish head chef Ferran Adria. In 2009 the restaurant was named the best restaurant in the world for the fourth time. Millions of people around the world tried to make a reservation. The restaurant was only open for a part of the year but it was still fully booked. At El Bulli eating was an art form full of surprises and the speciality was molecular cooking. In 2014 Ferran Adria reopened the doors as a ‘culinary creativity centre’ through the El Bulli foundation. He believed that the daily drag of cooking dinners limited his creativity and he wanted more time to experiment.