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A mysterious mountain village with a story

The mysterious monk town is positioned in a unique location in the mountains approximately 35 kilometers from Barcelona city. In the mountains there are a lot of caves, often inaccessible, where some hermits live. Not only is this town a hit amongst tourists, but also many pilgrims visit it because of the large variety of art and spiritual meaning behind the town. How this monastery ever came to exist still remains unknown. It all began in the year 888, when some inhabitants saw a light fall from the sky, which then mysteriously disappeared. Eventually the bishop looked for the spot and he saw the painting of the Virgin Mary. The bishop tried to pick up the painting but it did not move. People then concluded that it was Maria’s wish to stay on the mountain and eventually a chapel was built at this location. Nowadays this spot is open for visitors and there is a lot to see and experience in the Museum of Montserrat including an exhibition, a library and an open-air museum.