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The picturesque semi-island peninsula

The bay of Cadiz is almost entirely surrounded by water so it may seem as if you are on an island while visiting this town. The port serves as a crossing and a pit stop for many international destinations. There is a lot to do in Cadiz. The city is one of the oldest in Europe and some even say it is the oldest town in Spain. Cadiz is composed of an Old City, many plazas (or squares), medieval walls, a waterfront Cathedral, historic landmarks and beaches. The Barrio del Populo is a great neighbourhood to sit at a terrace, check out a wine bar, go for some boutique shopping and visit unique art galleries. Some of the most famous squares are Plaza San Antonio, Plaza de Mina and Plaza de la Catedral. There is a unique medieval castle called the ‘Castillo de San Sebastian’ on a tangent of the city, also surrounded by water. This creates a real island within an island feeling when visiting the fortress. In ancient times, Cadiz was attacked by Barbarians, the Romans, the English, the French and many more as it is an ideal location for defence. It is interesting to note that its original name was ‘Gadir’ which came from its founders the Phoenicians meaning ‘walled compound’. To end on more of a fun note, the Carnival of Cadiz is one of the most famous in the world; so try to check out a ‘chirigota’ if you are there during this period, which is a humorous satirical music group.