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São Miguel island

The largest and most populous island in the Azores is Sao Miguel. Here you will find a beautiful dramatic and varying landscape, with beautiful lakes, sandy beaches, high mountains, all surrounded by a deep blue ocean. The island is located in the rarely discovered Azores archipelago, so this is the ideal time to explore the beauty of the area without mass tourism. As the “main island” Sao Miguel also has the most to offer: beautiful parks, good restaurants, night clubs, and an award winning park called Terra Nostra (Our Earth). This is a botanical garden filled with exotic plants and ancient trees. In this park you can completely relax in a thermal bath. Other activities you can do on this island are: whale watching, swimming with dolphins, diving, snorkeling, fishing, swimming, sailing, bird watching, golf, and hiking. You can even do a jeep safari to enjoy the fantastic landscape. Look out over gigantic lakes and discover the dynamic volcanic landscape that makes this archipelago so unique.