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Ocean Clean Up

What are we doing to our planet ?

The indiscriminate use of plastic nowadays is a problem that cannot be avoid.

We must take action onto our daily life style and be concerned that every single piece of plastic we use might go into the sea.
The plastic that circulates in the five gyres has been accumulating over the past 60+ years and will not go away by itself. Instead, the material breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces over time.
At a certain level, these nano- and microparticles will become too small to collect.

Therefore, VesuvioTour will donate independently 1 euro every booking (for example €2500 for 2500 bookings) made per year to the cause of The Ocean Clean Up, supporting this fantastic association and its initiative.

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Let’s make our part !

Let’s make our part recycling as much as possible our waste, the world is our playground, we must take care of it!
The Ocean Clean UP® is a project to clean up plastic waste from the oceans that was devised by Boyan Slat, a Dutch inventor and environmentalist.

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