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The Ostrog Monastery

a miracle built by nature and human interaction

Montenegro is a nation rich in spirituality. Above all in the countries of the interior life flows much more slowly, favoring meditation and prayer. Therefore, the high number of monasteries is not surprising. So many that visiting them all is impossible, at least at one time. There is one, however, whose fame is now global. We talk about the Monastery of St. Basil of Ostrog about 20 kilometers from Niksic.

The particularity of this monastery is that it is entirely carved out of the rock. The structure is divided into an upper and a lower part. The first is also the most fascinating with two underground churches (Church of the Presentation and the Church of the Holy Cross) with beautiful wall decorations. In the lower part, however, we find the Church of the Holy Trinity, built in 1824, and a more recent church, dated 2005, dedicated to San Stanko.

Despite the secular struggles with the Ottomans, the Ostrog Monastery is considered a sacred place also by Muslims and Catholics. To be seen!