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Unique, magic, a fairytale!

Venice is built on more than 100 single islands. To strengthen the foundations, 25 meters long wooden poles were placed into the unstable soil of the lagoon. Surrounded by salty mud, the wood became as hard as stone. Forming a perfect base for the construction of the city. The canals served as transportation routes and as drains. The daily tides cleaned up the channels of wastewater. Despite everything, Venice is fighting so far with the muddy area. The houses are not only exposed to continuous movements, also the foundations are sinking ever further. In the past it was possible to contain the severity of the problem, putting more layers of soil or mosaic floors, but today the problem recurs again.

With 14 million visitors every year, Venice is in the second place after Rome in the ranking of the most popular and visited cities of Italy. The special atmosphere of this city on the water attracts visitors like a magnet. Narrow streets full of life, bridges, canals, gondolas and a multitude of famous historical buildings and idyllic squares make Venice a destination to visit absolutely.

What to see in Venice
A city that is already in itself an attraction, but that offers so many idyllic squares, historic buildings and precious art treasures that it is impossible to visit them all in one trip. The Basilica di San Marco, the Palazzo Ducale, the Rialto Bridge and the Canal Grande are just a few of the many attractions that Venice has to offer. To those who do not intend to settle for just a visit to Piazza San Marco, we recommend buying a day pass for the ferries - with this you can not only reach the major attractions in Venice, but also the different islands in the lagoon. Our list of must-see attractions:

- Campanile San Marco

- Piazza San Marco

- Canal Grande

- Palazzo Ducale

- Mercato di Rialto

- Ghetto

- Basilica San Marco

- Ponte di Rialto

- Chiesa del Redentore

- San Zanipolo

- Chiesa Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frati

- Ca’ d’Oro

- Gallerie dell’Accademia

- Isola La Giudecca

Ferries and boats in Venice

Around Venice and along the Grand Canal as well as the surrounding islands several harbours follow one another like bus stops. Every few minutes all shipping companies stop there; the system is simple and not at all complicated. We recommend you to buy a ticket immediately on arrival at the station or at a tobacco shop, a newsstand or in the bar. You can of course also buy tickets directly on the boat, but only at extra cost. The water taxi is much more expensive, but bring you quickly and directly to the desired location. The romantics among you can not pass up a ride in one of the numerous and famous Venetian gondolas.