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Volterra and Pisa

from Volterra to Pisa: a piece of Tuscany

The territory of Alta Val di Cecina in the southern part of the province of Pisa in a unique landscape that winds along the metalliferous hills with the beautiful cities of Volterra and flows down to Bibbona, near the famous Coast Etruscans.

Volterra, thanks to its isolation, it is intact; urbanistically almost completely enclosed by the circle of the thirteenth-century walls, built around the ancient church of Santa Maria, now the cathedral and the Piazza dei Priori, even at the very heart of the city life city politics. It is followed by the square of San Giovanni, the center of religious life, where we find the Cathedral, the Baptistery and the Bishop's Palace.

Always in the metalliferous hills, we find Pomarance, beautiful medieval village overlooking the Cecina river basin, which is worth a visit, if only for the renowned cuisine. Among the many popular traditions of the Palio Storico Contrade the Terzieri in this race, which is symbolically divided the country, vie for the Palio through original theatrical performances on themes or historical figures.

Also interesting is the river Cornia Monteverdi: the village, who became famous as a port of Volterra descriptions of Cicero and Pliny, but also for its natural creek that became a refuge for the dreaded Saracens, has allowed the recovery of artefacts such as amphorae, vases terra cotta and marble.


Visit PISA, means for all tourists undoubtedly Piazza dei Miracoli with its impressive Cathedral but what makes it famous around the world is of course the Leaning Tower.

The Tower of Pisa is actually a bell tower, in fact, is part of the same cathedral of Pisa. The first curiosity is now resolved, the tower is crooked due to land subsidence. The leaning tower or bell tower, was built over two hundred years, covered almost entirely of white marble. The monument is 58.36 meters high on top of foundation, and over 55 above ground. Her weight was calculated in 14,453 tons, the center of mass is 22.6 meters above the floor of the foundation. The current inclination is about 55 ° and that about 10%, the value corresponding to the eccentricity of the loads on the foundation soil is 2.3 meters.