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a wonderful middle age village

Monte Pulciano is located in the province of Siena, between Val di Chiana and Val d'Orcia, Montepulciano is a typical Tuscan village of 14,000 inhabitants situated in a hilly area. The backdrop to Montepulciano are in fact olive trees and vineyards and woods of the Val di Chiana. The name of Montepulciano, made from two words Monte and fleas, derives from the Purth, that leader.

Montepulciano is without doubt one of the most beautiful medieval towns of Tuscany, 600 meters above sea level protected by fortification walls still impressively intact. Montepulciano is well known to international tourists for its Renaissance palaces and the sophistication of its churches. The Bravio delle Botti is an important traditional event dating back to the fourteenth century. Each year, the last Sunday of August, in honor of the patron saint St. John the Beheaded, the two main streets of Montepulciano scenario becomes a challenge that has for the 8 Contrade protagonists of Montepulciano. After the flag wavers and the branding of the barrels, the historical parade through the city promises to be the race that begins at 19. Two "pushers" push a barrel, weighing 80 kg over a distance of about 1700 meters, which has as a starting point and goal Colonna del Marzocco Piazza Grande, in front of the Duomo of Montepulciano. The winning Contrada, reached the finish line first, wins the prize, Bravium, or Bravo, that is, a cloth on which is painted the image of the patron saint of the city.