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the city of Renaissance

Florence had its heyday in the era Renaissance: its Old Town and its urban faithfully reflect this historical journey. The statues, churches, stately monuments, the ancient shops: a unique of its kind, which catalyzes million visitors each year. If you only want to spend a weekend in Florence, then it is best if you start with clear ideas already. The risk of losing something spectacular is too high if you do not choose carefully the steps to do.

Moreover, for most of the museums in Florence there is the possibility to book directly online your visit: This will allow you useless waste of time and annoying queues. If you prepare the weekend with care, avoiding unpleasant mishaps.
Among the many sights in Florence worth mentioning as some that are really missed: are great to learn more about the Renaissance and Mannerism. Book in advance is highly recommended to avoid very long queues at the entrance.

Museums in Florence:
  • * Uffizi. Official site and online booking
  • * Bargello. Official site and online booking
  • * Galleria dell'Accademia. Official website and online reservations
  • * Museo Bardini

Among the historic buildings of a religious nature to be missed to point out some very beautiful churches in Florence from the architectural point of view and very interesting from a historical art.

Places to visit in Florence:

* Florence Duomo and Giotto's bell tower
* Florence Baptistery
* Holy Spirit
* Holy Cross
* Santa Maria Novella
* San Marco
* Orsanmichele
* San Miniato al Monte

Finally, with regard to the civil architecture and monuments to visit in Florence:

* Palazzo Vecchio
* Ponte Vecchio
* Palazzo Strozzi
* Palazzo Pitti
* Palazzo Medici Riccardi

Spending a weekend in Florence can be the solution for a romantic couple, or an intriguing alternative for those who want to have fun in a city with a cosmopolitan air.
Shopping: clothing stores in Florence, jewelry and handicrafts. From craft shops to the best designer boutiques and high fashion jewelry: If you enjoy shopping in Florence will find the right shop. Strolling on Via Tornabuoni - a luxurious downtown street a few steps from the Duomo of Florence-you will find numerous clothing stores. If you are interested in this kind of shopping suggestion is to walk the streets around Piazza Repubblica: you will find many famous brands and many shops. Do not miss Via Roma and Via Calzaioli (from the Duomo to the Palazzo Vecchio), in addition to via De 'Cerretani (which runs from Stazione Santa Maria Novella to the Duomo). If your interest is attracted by local antiques and then head into the area of Santo Spirito and the Pitti Palace (Via Maggio in particular). In addition to the beauty of the place-was the most popular area of Florence and still retains some genuine characteristics and vernacular-this whole area is full of shops and boutiques and antiques. Another place not to be missed is the famous Ponte Vecchio: whether you are passionate about jewelry and handicrafts (here you will find some of the best shops in Florence) and who worship the historical architecture, this is a place not to be missed. It 'also the privileged if, after the Duomo, Palazzo Vecchio and the Uffizi you want to head to Palazzo Pitti. Markets in Florence.

In the area of the Porcellino (from Republic Square to the Old Bridge) are the namesake marketplace, where you can find handicrafts and leather clothing. Another market that is typical of San Lorenzo: the number of stalls and shops for clothing and leather crafts. The advice is to pay attention: in addition to the many occasions you may encounter some crap. Since you are in the area I suggest you take a look at the vegetable market of San Lorenzo. Even if you are not interested in fruit and vegetables, it is worth a visit because it is a delightful late nineteenth century: the atmosphere inside is very beautiful, and you'll find inside-and-in the neighboring restaurants and trattorias. Another market is the Cascine (the largest park in Florence), usually held every Tuesday. It 's the classic market where you can find good quality clothing at very low prices. If you have a trained eye you'll definitely good business. For those who want to drop by the council is to go there quite early in the morning: first, because it takes at least a couple of hours to see it all, and secondly because it is populated by mid-morning and visit with calm becomes difficult because of so many people in circulation.

Getting Around Florence. Florence is a city that is well visited on foot. The major attractions are concentrated in the center, then a few hundred yards apart. The main board, then, is to park your car in a parking fee located in the center (but not the prices are low: you start with a euro and a half hours and in some cases you can reach both the euro ' hour), and then to walk and enjoy the city. If you want to use public transport I suggest you visit the city buses (www.ataf.net).