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Taormina and Gole dell'Alcantara

a wonderful Greek theatre

Taormina is one of the most charming cities in Sicily: its territory extends over a terrace of Monte Tauro, along the coast from Capo Sant'Andrea to Capo Taormina, between the Ionian Sea with its beautiful beaches and mountains Peloritani that around the north and west. Taormina soon became known for the Dolce Vita, and for the natural environment, land loved by famous writers and artists such as Goethe and Maupassant, becoming an important tourist destination.
The building dates from the Hellenistic era, when it was conceived and built by the Greeks Tauromeniti, in Roman times, under Emperor Augustus (31 BC-14 AD), was expanded and rebuilt, and was used for gladiatorial shows. With Siracusa is the largest Greek theatre in Sicily, and every year numerous cultural events are held. Goethe, who visited the theatre in 1787, was very fascinated. Something special is the views of the coastline of Giardini Naxos and Mount Etna, which the visitor can enjoy the Villa Comunale di Taormina.

The Alcantara Gorge is located about 20 km from Taormina, an undoubtedly is a place of extraordinary beauty. A lava flow stopped thousands of years ago into te Alcantara river water and forced to make their way between the casting and to recover their own way. Thanks fast lava cooled by the water has born the beautiful sculptures prism.
Alcantara Gorges are ideal for relaxing during a picnic at 'shade during the hot months. You can swim in water that is always very cold or participate in the excursions offered by the Park.