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Ortigia (Siracusa)

the island of Baroque and Archimede

Ortigia, the island

The tragic earthquake of 1693 did not spare even Syracuse, and a century later decayed parts were rebuilt in Baroque style.
All of this succession of sublime historical events have left signs in the city, an urban jewel of Sicily, seaside town, the morphology of Syracuse today can be summarized in three areas: the island of Ortigia, the city's oldest settlement linked to the mainland three bridges, the Acradina, flat area at the back of Ortigia, the new part that has developed around the archeological park of Neapolis. Do not miss the cliffs, beaches and crystal clear waters of Fontane Bianche and dell'Arenelia fractions.

Ortigia, certainly the most fascinating place to be discovered step by step, with substantial buildings and monuments. Remember Maniace Castle, on the tip of the island to protect it, the Temple of Apollo, dating from the sixth century BC, which is located near Piazza Pancali, the beautiful cathedral with its large Doric columns, and the Fountain of Arethusa, a spring of fresh water known since ancient times, where you can admire the Papireto of Syracuse, the only place where the papyrus spontaneous in Italy and perhaps in Europe.
Since 2005, Syracuse, along with the necropolis of Pantalica is part of the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.