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Favignana, Marettimo and Levanzo: Egadi Islands

the history of "Mattanza"

Favignana and "La Mattanza"

A few kilometers from the "peak" of Sicily, off the coast of Trapani, Favignana is the largest (about twenty square kilometers) and an important island of the Egadi: an ideal place for sea lovers and for families with clear waters, spectacular cliffs, beautiful coves, beaches and romantic bays, fishing villages and ancient fortresses, along with modern tourist facilities. Resist an island where traditions of secular life and work, like fishing for tuna in the "tuna," one of the few still in operation. And the tuna with the classic "trap in Mattanza", from April to July, is one of the attractions of the island: not just a fishing technique, but rather an ancient rite - and bloody impressive - along with prayers propitiatory chants and Arabic memory, where the death of tuna in its agonizing cruelty, it means the lives and livelihoods of fishermen and their families. The beautiful bay of Favignana is the natural starting point for exploring the whole island, with its spectacular and rugged coastline, which alternates between spectacular rocky cliffs and romantic white sand beaches, gentle coves and wild cliffs, mysterious caves and enchanting islands, with picture-postcard scenery. Among the places to visit, spend perfect days of rest and relaxation, we can mention: the small beach of Cala d'Azur and the wide beach of Lido Burrone (both along the south coast), the charming Cala Rossa and Cala del Bue Marino (in the east), while in the west, much less urbanized, here Cala Rotonda and Cala Grande, and many more. Many, as mentioned, also the caves, to visit during beautiful boat trips: the Blue Grotto, so named for the color of the Grotto of Sighs, and winter has taken its toll, "laments" and the Cave of Lovers, because of two identical rocks side by side on the back wall, and more. Not to mention the opportunities given to diving enthusiasts. In summary, an island for a holiday in the peace of mind, with "all the beauty" of the Mediterranean..


Marettimo is the farthest, the highest, the most mountainous, the wildest, no action, many boats, the total absence of trees, many fishermen's houses, not even a paved road, just trails. Wherever you turn you see clumps of thyme and colorful schools of fish. In summer, one of the stops is customary to tip Troy, north of the island, visit the Cave of the Camel, lit from an opening on the top that creates a fantastic reflection on the water so clear that it may see the colonies of red anemones . Another excursion by sea to be bombed back to the Cave of the tip of Troy, while over land with a short stroll to the castle from which to enjoy Punta Troia, including flowering plants of capers, a magnificent view of the rocks overhanging the sea on both sides of the island. Other port calls to the island are low points and the basin behind Punta Martino clear water and plenty of fish. From the harbor extends the typical fishing village of the town with its small white houses and its climbing flowers: here be sure to stroll along the streets paved with stone up to the Roman ruins through the pine forest, or discovering the mule along the coast between the Mediterranean.

Accommodations in this area:

Nido del Pellegrino - Favignana