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the highest volcano in Europe


In terms of walks, Etna, is one of the most interesting places in Italy. There are several paths available. The first, not to be missed for the lover of trekking, is the one that leads to the top of the crater. It 's very easy, as is done by cable car (www.funiviaetna.com) and with the off-road but that does not make it less fascinating.When you walk on the black volcanic sand seems to be on another planet, if it were not for the sea, which appears on the horizon.
During the winter you can ski on Mount Etna (thanks to the ski slope on the south slopes and north) and excursions to the snow-shoe hiking, snow-covered lands from which they emerge through the most incredible lava formations.The walks themselves are made in the summer, with hiking boots, mountain bikes or horses. In any case it is always better to be accompanied by good guides who can lead us in the most important natural places, from the Valle del Bove (spettaccolare a rocky landscape, created by pouring thousands of years of lava flows) Gurrida Lake, to the unique caves lava, created by underground lava flow (Ente Parco Etna www.parcoetna.ct.it)

The green gold of Bronte: Pistachios

Take your luggage in the products chosen as a gift to the man, a bit 'of balm, a little' honey, and the dredging of laudanum, pistachios and almonds (Gen. XLIII, 11). With these gifts, Jacob tries to soften the hearts of the viceroy of Egypt (which is none other than his own son Joseph, not recognized by the brothers). Step 11 gives us two pieces of news, the pistachio was already known to the ancient Jews, even then was considered precious fruit (the choicest products of the country). Second, from the Near East plant was introduced in Italy only in Sicily but it found an ideal habitat for a thriving and unique, here, in fact, realized anus extraordinary union between the plant and the Etna lava terrain that favored the production of a fruit that from the standpoint of taste and aroma, and excellent organoleptic properties. This is the brief history of pistachio, and precious fruit of noble origins, today the protagonist of finest cuisine and, especially, in the highest confectionery manufacturing.