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a unique city in Sicily

Erice. The whole collection in a triangular perimeter, Erice is one of the most unique cities in Sicily. The narrow cobbled streets, small squares, the courtyards of flowers, rich crafts including ceramics, carpets and sweet, make it a must destination of every excursion in Sicily. It stands on a mount overlooking Trapani, the valley and the sea. Its origins are ancient and mysterious, shrouded in legend. Fully in ages lontanissi-me, it was Erice, King of the Elimi, mythical son of Venus. On the summit had come first, only one temple dedicated to a goddess of the fruitful nature, identified by the Romans with Venus Ericina, still venerated by all peoples of the Mediterranean, especially by sailors. Soon there was built a fortress fournished fought over by Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians and Romans. Erice was destroyed by the Carthaginians in 260 BC and the inhabitants were transported to Trapani. In Roman times, the Temple of Venus was put in charge of a religious confederation of 17 cities in Sicily, permanently guarded by a garrison. The town is lost in the mists of time to the Arabs when he reappeared with the name of Gebel-Hamed. Over the following centuries, developed and wrote the urban face that came intact to this day.