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and the huge Temples

The Temple of Agrigento are a superb witness of the splendor of one of the most important Greek colonies of the West. The ancient city of Agrigento extended over a wide area, and is now known as the Valley of the Temples of the number of religious houses and buildings that document the richness and cultural development until the fourth century AD.

A wonderful natural landscape consists of old olive trees and almond trees. still surrounds the site, maybe like ages ago when was a source of inspiration for poets and philosophers such as Pindar and Empedocles. The park of Valle dei Templi, cover 1300 hectares, an contains an extraordinary architectural heritage that includes the ruins of the ancient city of Akragas and the land around it to the sea.
The Valley of the Temples in 1997 has been declared by UNESCO "World Heritage", as one of the largest archaeological sites in the Mediterranean, extend for about 450 hectares.

Eraclea Minoa - Scala dei Turchi

Five kilometers of coast low, sandy, clean, quarrelsome lapped by the waves of the sea - always pretty cool: this is the beach of Eraclea Minoa (AG), which lies at the foot of a ridge of white chalk (which is called Black Head) . Over the top there is an archaeological site, the remains of a Hellenistic city, with a small theater that opens onto the sea horizon (spectacular scenery), edged down this beautiful beach that stretches as far as of an eye, soon interrupted by the mouth of the river Platani - protected by a nature reserve. Along the beach, as if to protect it, there are pine woods and a cordon of dunes covered in Mediterranean scrub. You can reach the beach from the archaeological area, following a trail that follows along the folds of the white rock, or deviating from SS115 (signposted road, the municipality is to Cattolica Eraclea).