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Parco Gola della Rossa & Grotte di Frassassi

One of the most spectacular caves of Europe

The Frasassi Caves are amongst Europe's most spectacular caves. Some 13 km of limestone caverns have so far been explored and it is reckoned that they may run for up to 35 km. Only one and a half km of this sparkling wonderland is open to the general public. Equipped with walkways and theatrical lighting, it includes the awesome Grotta Grande del Vento, Europe's largest single cavern, so vast that Milan Cathedral would fit comfortably inside, and some of the most extravagantly fanciful stalagmites and stalactites you are ever likely to see.

Leaving the dramatic Frasassi Gorge, take the back road to the thriving town of Fabriano.
Even back in the 14th Century, Fabriano's paper mills were producing a million sheets of paper a year and it was here that watermarked paper was invented. Its paper is still used the world over for banknotes and quality art paper.
The town is so proud of its traditional industry that it has dedicated an interesting modern museum to it - you'll find the paper museum, Museo della Carta, in the former monastery of San Domenico. You can also buy Fabriano paper here.