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the republic microstate

In the heart of Italy, on the border between Emilia Romagna and Marche, is San Marino. It is the third smallest country in Europe, next to Monaco and Vatican City.

The old Republic is divided into nine districts, each operated by a castle directors who have a duty in addition to managing services to the citizens, to involve residents in the promotion and organization of cultural activities. San Marino is a city where you can enjoy the old architecture. The national symbol of the city are the three towers' La Guaita, La Cesta and Il Montale which are situated on top of Monte Titano. Furthermore dominates in the heart of San Marino Il Palazzo Pubblico, which is situated at La Piazza della Liberta '(Freedom Square). Other attractions are La Basilica del Santo, in neoclassical style with Corinthian columns. And il Monastero di Santa Chiara (Convent of Santa Chiara), it has been completely renovated and is now in use by the local University of San Marino. You can still visit the garden where the nuns were staying at the time. In the center of San Marino there are cozy squares and plenty of shops, markets, beautiful boutiques. San Marino is a Mecca for shopaholics, this is partly because it has a lower tax rate, which purchases can be cheaper than in Italy. Especially these "products" are the most popular for those who come from outside: clothing, shoes, perfumes and cosmetics, electronics, musical instruments.

In the historic center of San Marino there are also many shops with local traditional products. Hand-painted ceramics, art objects made of iron, wood and precious materials, lace, embroidery and prints on canvas. But also delicacies like the Three Towers, typical sweetness of San Marino.