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city of endless beauty

University City Ferrara, city of the Renaissance, and the Po Delta UNESCO. This city has a remarkable elegance, protected by the 9 km long walls, cycling or walking in its entirety.

A majestic symbol of Ferrara's Castello Estense, with its four towers, surrounded by a moat, designed by one of the greatest architects of Ferrara Biagio Rossetti. Another beautiful and one of the most famous Renaissance buildings in the world who has designed this architect is Palazzo dei Diamanti, so called because of the unique shape of the more than 8,500 blocks of marble that have been incorporated into the walls of the building. It is an exhibition space owned by the Municipality of Ferrara, used for major exhibitions.

Not far away you will find the Parco Massari (Massari Park) and Piazza Ariostea. Large avenues, beautiful gardens and magnificent squares adorn the city. Everywhere there are magnificent palaces such as Palazzo Schifanoia, the name literally means avoiding the boredom, the building was so mean to dissipate your time and not get bored, it's not possibe to get bored with the beautiful collections of ancient art from the Musei Civici d 'arte Antica. The center of Ferrara addition to these sights, has also a wonderful showpiece; Il Cattedrale di Ferrara. Besides the cultural attractions in the center of Ferrara is a prime wonderful area to explore by bicycle. There is a path of 125 kilometers long where you can enjoy all the security nature of this environment. Two other valuable tourist attractions of Ferrara are the world famous street festival "Ferrara Buskers Festival, which takes place around late August. During the multi-day festival are all kinds of street artists from different parts of the world together to make it the party of the year. And the second important event is the Palio of Ferrara, this occurs in the first weeks of June. In contrast to the Siena Palio it is not about horse racing, but to the different neighborhoods, districts, compete in the Renaissance style yes, how could it be otherwise.

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