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the most famous volcano in Europe

Vesuvius is the most famous volcano of the earth and one of the most studied. It's a typical example of a compound formed by a volcano cone, Monte Somma (1133 meters), with the crater walls mostly demolished, within which there is a smaller cone, the Vesuvius (1281 m), separated by a lowering named Valle del Gigante, part of the caldera, were presumably during the eruption of 79 AD the Vesuvius was formed.??Vesuvius entered the history of volcanology with the eruption of 79 AD that destroyed and buried with ashes and lava Pompeii, Stabiae, Herculaneum and part of the surrounding.

?Vesuvius, with the Phlegraean Fields, is the only active volcano in Europe, which is located on the mainland, all the others are on islands.??From 29 October 2005, Mount Vesuvius is a open- museum because its 10 hairpin bends giant sculptures. The permanent exhibition is called Creator Vesuvius. One of the sculpture has been created by the Dutch artist Mark Brusse.