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Sorrento Massalubrense

Sorrento, the most beautiful panorama of Naples

Sorrento is one of the most popular destinations for international tourism. For centuries, travelers from all over Europe and later from around the world have admired the beauty of the coast, allowing capture the colors and flavors of these lands. There are many villas and houses built in past centuries by the Germans and British who stopped here for treatment or as a compulsory stop on the Grand Tour and then decides to stay. The historic center of Sorrento is developed on massive dark rock terraces overlooking the sea, offering panoramic views in every corner and breathtaking views of the Bay of Naples, Vesuvius and Naples. Winding streets, and suggestive serpentine staircases leading to the harbor and the Marina below.

The name Sorrento dates back to the myth of the Sirens, who with their chants of sailors took possession of the will, forcing them to founder on the rocky coast. One of the most attractive events are the processions of Holy Friday held during the Easter. This ritual takes place since the Middle Ages as one of the peculiar traditions of Sorrento.

Among the various "warnings" of Sorrento, the food is definitely one of the most popular site specialties like limoncello, the baba with limoncello, gnocchi alla Sorrentina conquered the palate of every lover of good food. Of course, in addition to proprietary classic Sorrento, are all the other products of the peninsula, from the Agerola mozzarella provolone del Monaco DOP from Gragnano pasta extra virgin olive oil DOP Sorrento and, finally, of course the pizza, the queen of everything the Gulf of Naples, who here can even be eaten "by the meter, as is done in a famous pizzeria in Vico Equense. In recent years, thanks to these resources, Sorrento and the Sorrento Peninsula have also become an important destination for wine tourism.

There are less frequented spot around Sorrento, if you want to avoid the mass tourism. The area of Capo di Sorrento, from Massalubrense to Nerano is all to discover. A special spot is the Bagni della Regina Giovanna, one of the loveliest spots of the Sorrento Peninsula.
The promontory which the Bay of Sorrento and is located about one kilometer from the city center is characterized by a mild climate and is particularly attractive because it offers the chance to enjoy breathtaking views, natural beauty and archaeological remains.

The landscapes that can be admired in this area of Sorrento, are enhanced by the presence of the remains of the villa of Pollio Felice dating from the earliest years of the 'Roman Empire. These, together with a rich and varied system of other archaeological objects, archaeological heritage constitute a very important and testify to the fact that Sorrento was considered a place of holiday and rest since ancient times. Just the ruins of Villa Pollio Felice are considered as a demonstration of the extraordinary susceptibility of the Romans to select the most valuable sites for their houses and their ability to think about the architecture in accordance with the characteristics of the natural environment, so as to transform 's work in the same landscape.

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