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Valle delle Ferriere

wild nature close to Amalfi

In the heart of Amalfi lies the Natural Reserve of Valle delle Ferriere, a strange and wonderful world to discover. Just let go of the look over the beautiful coastal views and well-known for being in a kaleidoscope of exciting scenarios and unimaginable. The Natural Reserve of Valle delle Ferriere surprised by the variety of its colors, its light effects, its vegetation and its waterfalls, alternating zones typical of tropical countries with the most familiar of the Mediterranean. An incredible wealth of water gives rise to rare species of plants, such as "Woodwardia radicans" true "living fossil" dating back to the Tertiary away.

But in the Valle delle Ferriere inhabit other ladies of the flora, as some orchids in bright and varied colors and the "Pinguicola hirtiflora" pretty carnivorous plant, pink flowers, which love to feed on small insects.
The habitat is ideal for numerous animal species, such as the spectacled salamander, amphibian harmless miniature, dark red. With a little 'luck looking in the bends of the river Canneto, you can even spot the otter, intent to eat trout. Among the various appearances there are, again, aquatic insects such as dragonflies, caddisflies and efemere, leaping frogs, birds and other small mammals. La Valle delle Ferriere is dotted with ancient ruins where paper was produced from high-quality paper stock. Their sudden appearance of the vegetation makes the walk to the iron is still more suggestive.

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