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Ravello, the city of the music

Ravello: a paradise for artists

Over the centuries, Ravello has accepted in its streets the greatest European artists, who came here to seek inspiration, fascinated by the pristine beauty of the city. Among others, Richard Wagner composed this part of his "Parsifal", Roberto Rossellini, one of the greatest Italian directors of all time, found between these streets, the inspiration to turn some of his films

Villa Rufolo Arab culture in the architecture of Ravello

The original construction of this splendid villa dating back to 1200, and has hosted the most powerful families in Ravello, from Rufolo to Confalone, before moving to Muscettola and D'Afflitto. It was later bought by the Scottish Francis Neville Reid. The style of the villa reflects the great influence that these places had the Arab culture. The chapel, and the beautiful dining room, divided by columns, are the main building which is spread over three floors. On the left of this structure, there is a more powerful tower, 30 meters high and decorated with two windows. But the real jewel of the Villa is the Moorish cloister, upon which the light oriental style lodges overlooking the breathtaking view of the coast. The garden of Villa Rufo is the most attractive, exciting and enveloping the whole of Ravello. It was here that Richard Wagner composed some of his magisterial work "Parsifal." In this fairy-tale scenario, where cultures combine to offer an unforgettable sight to the eye, there is the famous Wagner Festival.

La Villa Rufolo is open from 9 to 20 in summer and from 9 am to dusk in winter. Tickets cost € 5, € 4 for groups over 15 persons, and € 3 for children and the elderly.


Villa Cimbrone

Villa Cimbrone is the result of visionary personality of the English lord William Beckett. Got hold of the old building, there was help from Nicola Mansi, was a tailor who works in the design of one of the most beautiful villas of all time. The success of the perfect fusion of cultures, styles, and eras gives Villa Cimbrone museum extraordinary character, as if Beckett had wanted to concentrate inside the house the entire history of the world. The cloister, with a central well-head, was carried out, as many other areas of the complex, the style of the main buildings and monuments of Ravello. The cloister, for example, is inspired by the Church of San Francesco. Here, as in the Villa Rufolo, the garden is the highest point of the beauty of the complex. Fountains, natural caves, small temples and statues adorn the beautiful expanse of vegetation that leads to a spectacular view of the 'Infinite, "which offers a breathtaking view all over the world. La Villa Cimbrone is open from 9 to 20 in summer and from 9 am to dusk in winter. The ticket costs € 6, € 5 for groups of between 15 and 40 people, € 4 for groups over 40 persons and children.