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Positano, the romantic city

Positano is located behind the Lattari mountains, which protect the village from the north winds, so its climate is mild and dry. Positano has its own original structure an architecture: the houses are next to each climbing the rock until the top of the hill. When you are in Positano you do not believe your eyes look around continuosly, picked up and lost among all the bright colors of the flowers that decorate the houses, the small workshops, with colorful fabrics and 'smell of leather sandals handmade, and restaurants specializing in seafood, the swarm of life proposes in Positano every day.

The colors from white to floral patterns, fabrics and textiles are the "Moda Positano", which is now a brand, a phenomenon that exploded in the fifties as a symbol of freedom, transgression and madness against the rigid patterns of clothing from that period .
In addition at clothing, Positano is known for accessories: Positano sandals, flip flops, clogs cork and wood, and cloth slippers with rope soles, made by famous cobblers, able to create by hand, even at the moment, your pair of sandal.

“The village of the stairways” is beautiful and fascinating, with thousands of places unique and exclusive.
From the perspective of historical and archaeological heritage, we can see the Roman Villa, defensive towers built in the sixteenth century, which are eight, three internal, Riverside Tower, Tower and Tower Trasita Fornillo, and five external Cathedral of St. Maria Assunta, characterized by an impressive tiled dome, visible from any vantage point in the country, and divided into three naves, is kept inside the icon, clearly inspired by Byzantine, the Black Madonna, painted in the thirteenth century.