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Traveling During Covid-19 Update III

Traveling During Covid-19 Update III

Green Zone Travelling To Tackle Holiday Plans

Dear Travellers,

Summer is already here and so is the talk about establishing a “Green Zone travelling network” between EU countries. This new policy proposal emerged as the spread of the virus is progressively getting contained. With this solution the aim is to save the tourism sector, as well economic balance within the EU.

“Green Zone” Strategy To Save Summer 2020

The main idea is to ensure secure labelling of RED and GREEN zones between EU countries. Red as “virus not under control” and Green as “virus under control”. By travelling between green zones the goal is to “(a) avoid the spread of the virus throughout the territory and (b) allow economic activity to restart on a more local level as soon as it is safe to do so” (Source). Traveling between Red zones would still be considered under restrictions and essential only.

The Green Zone strategy is originally proposed by Spain, which just as many other Southern EU countries depends on the tourism sector. This green-zoning approach is still a discussion as it firstly needs to be elevated to the pan-European level. The rules applying for each zone would need to be clearly defined with consultation of sanitary and medical authorities. You can find labelling example here.

What Do You Need To Know?

ITALY – As of June 3, passengers from EU countries will be allowed to enter Italy and self-quarantine for 14 days will be lifted unless prior to Italy the passenger has travelled recently from non-EU country (this may be enforced until June 15). Source

For safer travelling, VesuvioTour advises travellers to cancel their holidays in North Italy and rebook in South Italy, free of charge with us (according to the flight company rules).

SPAIN – Travelling is still only considered for essential needs, such as passengers returning via Spain to their place of residency and similar cases. State of emergency ends on May 24, while opening doors to tourism may start from end of June. Self-posed quarantine for 14 days may be still enforced (Source).

MONTENEGRO For now still under a lockdown, but from beginning of June they will reopen their borders to EU countries. Beaches will be open already from May 18 with safety measures. From June 15, Montenegro Airlines will return their regular flights within EU (Source).

CROATIA – As of June passengers can enter Croatia with direct flights from Amsterdam with Croatia Airlines and the possibility to exchange their ticket for a voucher until June 1. All purchases after that depend on usual deals (Source).

Any border-crossings to EU countries outside of EU is still closed until June 15 (Source)

General Information

At VesuvioTour we are still dedicated to traveling and our customers, by following latest updates on Covid-19 situation.

· In case you do need to travel, make sure you are in contact with us from VesuvioTour and updated with the latest traveling information regarding your safety.

  • We are not liable if there is delay, cancellation, or other problems concerning the flight. The problem should be handled directly by the airline itself as we do not process this payment.
  • If the customer still wishes to cancel its package with us until 2 months before the arrival it is possible with a SGR voucher (except flights).

For more information regarding cancellations and our Terms, please read here.

The latest update on tackling Covid-19 in the Netherlands starting from June you can find here.

More information about current travel restriction to the Netherlands you can find here.

For any questions, feel free to contact us.

Your VesuvioTour team