Why chose a...
  • Agriturismo: because you love nature, organic foods, the countryside, you prefer to relax under a tree reading a book and talk with authentic people. Because you like to enjoy more than a simple holiday.
  • Bed&Breakfast: because the owner lives in the building and can help you in every way you will need. It's cheaper than any impersonal Hotel. Few rooms make always the atmosphere familiar and relaxed.
  • Fly&Drive: because you are curious to experience and see more than one area "on the road". Not many countries in the world are amazingly rich of differences like Italy and Spain. Few hours of driving and each region propose its own culture, food, people and landscape.
  • Holiday House/Villa: because you want to be independent, with your family or a group of friend, and the best way to do it is rent out a lovely holiday house or villa with swimming pool, garden and barbecue in order to make your holiday unforgettable.


Our selection of Fly drive in Italy and Spain

A Fly and drive in Italy and Spain is wonderful! These two countries offer beautiful nature, culture and authentic traditions. Driving along the good road of Italy, from Tuscany to Sicily, from the Gulf of Naples, the wonderful Amalfi Coast until Apulia, discovering our less known regions as well, and sights that are absolutely worthy of being paid a visit, like Basilicata and Molise, it is an unforgettable experience that must be done at least once in a lifetime.

Since 2017 Vesuvio Tour started with a new destination: Spain! Vesuvio Tour team has beside Italy also a lot of knowledge of Spain. We offer wonderful accommodation in the regions of Andalusia, Catalonia and Valencia. Spain is a destination that attracts many tourists every year. Yet Spain has many places that are still undiscovered and where you can find authentic Spanish culture. Vesuvio tour offers you authentic places where you can enjoy the real life in Spain. Cadaqués, Figueres, Girona, Valencia, Alicante, Granada and Sevilla are all wonderful places that have a big cultural role in the country where the sun always shines.

All the tours offered by VesuvioTour.com can always be personalized according to the wishes of customers, such as preference of area, period of stay, destinations, budget etc. For a free quote, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be more than happy to help you.

This is our best selection of round trips around the regions that we have visited so far. In the next years we will visit other regions and the offer will be larger. For now, take a look at your favourite journey in Italy and Spain and let’s go on holiday!

I Love You Sorrento (weekend) The perfect romantic getaway
Fly drive Sorrento and Amalfi coast - 8 days Fly-drive in Bed&Breakfast in Sorrento and Amalfikust - 8 days
Sorrento and Cilento beach holiday - 8 days Beach Holiday between Sorrento and Cilento!
Island tour - Capri, Ischia and Procida - 8 days The wonderful island of Campania: Capri, Ischia and Procida.
Grand Tour in Campania: Charming holiday - 15 days Charming Fly&Drive in Campania
Fly-Drive Campania in authentic Farm house - 15 days Fly&Drive in Campania, Naples, Amalfi Coast, Pompei, Caserta.
Fly&Drive Bed&Breakfast in Campania - 15 days Fly-drive in Naples, Amalfi coast, Sorrento, Pompeii and Cilento
Sicilian Rural Experience A unique Fly-Drive through the hinterland of Sicily
Sicily city trips - 15 days Visit the nicest cities of Sicily in 15 days!
Wine & Food Fly drive Sicily - 8 days 8 days in Sicily: enjoy the best wine and food of Sicily!
Fly&drive Sicily Young & Easy - 8 days 8 days Fly drive in Sicily: real Bed&Breakfast along Sicily
Grand Tour South Sicily: Charming holiday - 12 days Charmante Sicilie in Fly-drive
Fly-drive in Sicily in authentic Agriturismo  - 15 days Fly and Drive Tour Sicily in Agriturismo with restaurant
Fly&Drive Bed&Breakfast in Sicily - 15 days Fly&Drive Bed&Breakfast across Sicily
Family Holiday in Sicily - 15 days ideal for family with children, always in 2 apart rooms and swimming pool
In the heart of South Italy - 15 days Charming Holiday in Cilento, Matera, Calabria and Apulia
Amalfi Coast and Apulia Fly-Drive in Top Agriturismo - 15 days Best selection of authentic Agriturismo in South Italy
Special Bed&Breakfast Fly-drive South Italy - 15 days authentic Bed&Breakfast along South Italy, friendly atmosphere, historical centre, culture, folklore
Enjoy our best Trekking in South Italy: Amalfi Coast and Cilento Natural Park! Trekking in South Italy: Amalfi Coast and Cilento Natural Park
Under the Tuscan Sun - 14 days From Tuscany to Rome until the heart of Amalfi Coast: the romantic Positano
Fly Drive Tuscany 8 days short break in Tuscany along authentic and special bed&breakfast
In the Heart of Italy: authentic tour around Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio (Viterbo) Fly drive across authentic Agriturismo and B&B in Tuscany, Lazio and Umbria: tasting the regional food and more...
Grand Tour in Tuscany: Charming holiday - 12 days across Tuscany in wonderful and romantic Agriturismo or Country house
Fly-Drive Tuscany in Agriturismo 15 days Fly-drive in B&B and Country houses in Tuscany - Florence, Siena, Maremma and Volterra (Pisa)
Fly&Drive Bed&Breakfast in Toscane - 15 days Tours between Florence, Val d'Orcia, Maremma and Bolgheri (Tuscany coast)
Young & Easy Apulia Fly drive - 8 day Discover Apulia between B&B and Masseria, for every pocket!
Fly drive Apulia in Authentic Agriturismo - 15 days authentic Agriturismo with swimming pool, restaurant, friendly atmosphere
Luxury Fly drive in Salento, the heel of Apulia - 8 days Fly drive 8 days holiday in Apulia, authentic atmosphere, restaurant, beach and relax
Charming Fly-drive in Apulia in Masseria - 15 days charming Masseria across Gargano, Ostuni, Salento and Valle d'Itria (Trulli)
Fly-drive in Bed&Breakfast in Apulia - 15 days Fly-drive in Apulia in wonderful Bed&Breakfast, across Trani, Lecce, Salento and Valle d'Itria
Discover the best B&B in the regio of Valencia - 12 days Holiday in authentic Spanish houses and villages
Young & Easy in B&B's Valencia - 8 days Discover Valencia and the Costa Blanca in modern B&B's
Charming Tour Valencia - 12 days Charming Tour in Valencia in beautiful Boutique hotels with swimming pool
Sardinia Fly drive Top Locations - 8 days fly drive Sardinia in nice Bed&Breakfast and Country house
Young & Easy Sardinia Fly drive - 8 days ideal for young couple or for low budget travellers
Bed&Breakfast authentic and Special - 15 days Grand Tour of Sardinia with the best highlights: beaches, art, food, authentic villages
Charming Country Houses in Sardinia - 15 days Fly drive in Sardinia along wonderful and charming country houses, top holiday
Fly drive Farm Holiday in Sardinia - 15 days Farm Holiday in Sardinia: restaurant, friendly and far from the mass tourism
Wine & Food Fly-drive Catalonia - 8 days 8 days in Catalonia: enjoy the beste wines and food!
Fly Drive Catalonia 8 days Discover Catalonia in 8 days: a beautiful and affordable Fly&drive
Family holiday in Catalonia - 15 days Ideal for families with children
Charming & Luxury holiday in Catalonia - 12 days Fly-drive in luxury hotels
Grand Tour Catalonia - 15 days Discover the special region of Catalonia in two weeks and travel along the most beautiful places!
'Te Quiero' Romantic Fly&Drive A romantic get away in Andalusia
Young & Easy Tour West Andalusia – 8 days Short break in Andalusia in unique, authentic hotels and B&B’s
Grand Tour of Andalusia - 15 days Fly&Drive through authentic Andalusia by staying in gorgeous B&B's
Charming Fly&Drive Andalusia - 12 days Discover the region of the flamenco dance in charming accommodation
Grand Tour Andalusia in Fincas with swimming pool & restaurant - 15 days Discover the highlights of Andalusie in authentic Finca's
Young & Easy East - 7 days Discover the highlights of East Andalusia in affordable accommodation
Fly&Drive in B&B with swimming pool in Malaga & Almeria Relaxed vibes in the country and coast side of Andalusia
Fly&drive Marche - Charming holiday 12 days Fly drive holiday through Marche in charming locations