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Fly & Sail in Dalmatia with Catamaran


Welcome to Dalmatia! Historical heritage, beautiful nature, delicious food and nice climate – is there more to wish for your dream holiday?

Did you know that Croatia has more than 1000 islands, while only 66 are inhabited? On this one week long sailing trip, we will take you to some of the most famous and beautiful islands in Croatia.

Relax and enjoy visiting unique picturesque places with rich cultural-historical heritage such as Solta, Brac, Hvar and Vis.

Departure on Saturday
Split check in at 5.00 PM
Split to Milna, island Brac

You will check in during the afternoon hours. Your first destination to explore will be the island of Brac. Island Brac is actually the largest island in Dalmatia and the third largest in the Adriatic. Brac, the island of green nature and beauty, has many secret bays that will leave you speechless. A fun fact to know is that the White House in Washington DC, as well as the marvellous Diocletian’s Palace in Split, were actually built with the radiant white stone from this island.
For the night, you can discuss with your skipper and choose either to stay on anchor in a beautiful, calm bay near Milna or in the enchanting town of Milna itself, also known as the safest harbour of the island Brac. If you like architecture, we recommend you visit a beautiful baroque church with a typical Dalmatian bell tower. If you didn’t already know, Dalmatia was a part of the Republic of Venice, which left many traces on its architecture and culture in general. The interior of the church in Milna hides impressive works of Venetian masters. Don’t miss a chance to go for an evening walk around this beautiful charming village, too.

Milna, island Brac to Maslinica, island Solta

Milna is a perfect spot for pure relaxation, snorkelling and swimming. After having enjoyed a
morning swim, if you are an early bird, go for a morning walk and enjoy a coffee in the town. No
rush – we will set our sails to the next island and its charming fishing village called Maslinica
whenever you feel ready.
Solta is a green and blue oasis with very pristine nature. In Solta you will be sleeping in one of the
most beautiful marinas in Croatia, part of a beautiful hotel called Martinis Marchi, a palace dating from the 17th century. If three Marchi brothers didn’t get permission from the Venetian authorities to build a tower, a village and a church above the bay of Maslinica today, we wouldn’t have the pleasure of enjoying its beauty.
If you fancy doing something different today, we can arrange interesting olive oil tasting at the local factory of the Kastelanac family that has been growing olives for four generations. They can teach you how to taste olive oil the same way professionals do. It’s an unforgettable experience, so why not to do it?
At the evening time, we highly recommend you taste the chef’s specialities at the hotel restaurant,
Martinis Marchi. The chef has been working there for years now, and he is beyond talented.

Bol, island Brac

From Maslinica, you will head to the oldest town on the island Brac – Bol, situated on the southern part of the island. Bol is very famous, not only for being a extraordinarily charming Mediterranean town, but also having of one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic, whose cape turns from one side to another side depending on the wind and waves. This is a true spectacle itself!
When in Bol, enjoy the water sports and beach life. Whether you are already an experienced veteran or keen to learn, why not spend a day kitesurfing or windsurfing? Bol is one of the best spots in Croatia for these sports. Leverage the opportunity.
If you are a wine lover, we highly recommend you visit an upscale and ambitious winery, Stina
Winery. Although a newcomer to the local wine industry, Stina wines are already quite successful. If you enjoy rich, powerful Dalmatian reds, Stina is the perfect choice.

Hvar, island Hvar

Welcome to ‘glitzy and glamorous’ Hvar. Town Hvar is named after the island itself, the longest and sunniest of all the Croatian islands. Here you can enjoy many elegant restaurants, hotels and clubs. Hvar is definitely a unique place that allows you to be seen if you wish to be seen or to stay discreet and invisible if that is your preference.
Hvar is the perfect place to do some shopping and explore the local cuisine. A great restaurant to
visit is Gariful, right on the main promenade. Ask your skipper to call ahead for a reservation. As for your food choice, go for the recommended set menu.
When in Hvar, you don’t want to miss a sunset walk to see the splendid view of Hvar and its
archipelago. This means that you will need to head to the Fortica, the medieval castle that occupies the site of an ancient Illyrian settlement dating from before 500 BC. The views are magnificent.

Palmizana, Pakleni islands

Just across from the island Hvar, there is a stunning chain of wooded isles called Pakleni islands.
Although the name ‘Pakleni’ is often translated as ‘Hell’s islands’, this place is a far cry from hell; it’s more like a paradise.
Discuss with your skipper the best choice for your spot for the night; you have the option to stay on anchor or perhaps in a marina on Palmizana. On this island, you can purely relax with no worries whatsoever. Go for a walk on one of the extensive trails and explore the hidden secrets of this tiny island.
Palmizana is owned by the Meneghello family, whom for over one hundred years has been devoted to creating a paradise of cultural tourism. When in this bay, you must have lunch at the
Meneghello’s restaurant art gallery that is amazingly located within the botanical garden. If you are a seafood lover, don’t disappoint us by ordering something other than Palmizana gregada – a
heavenly seafood stew prepared with the freshest catch of the day, scampi, lobster , potatoes, white wine and olive oil – all cooked on an open fire. It is worth mentioning that people sail to this island just to taste this dish. It is necessary to pre-order it, though, so please let your skipper know ahead of time if you wish to try this delicious Croatian speciality.

Modra Spilja (Blue Grotto), island Bisevo & Komiza, island Vis

You will have an early morning start and sail to the amazing Blue Grotto, only a few miles from the island Vis, the most distant island from the mainland of Croatia.
The Blue Grotto, a waterlogged sea cave located on the island of Bisevo, has been open to the public since 1884 when the external entrance was cut into and through the cave, meaning it is not possible to reach this cave by means of a small rowing boat. The grotto is one of the best known naturally beautiful spots on the Adriatic. You will be amazed by its glowing blue light from below as you float around in a small boat in awe and wonder.
Just after visiting the grotto, let your captain choose the best bay for a lunch and swim. In the
afternoon, we will head to Komiza on island Vis, the farthest inhabited island from the Croatian
mainland. Komiza is a classical Mediterranean town with narrow streets and stone houses.
Tonight’s culinary adventure will be a visit to a family farm and restaurant. Roki is famous for its
under the bell dishes. There is something for both meat and seafood lovers: delicious octopus, veal and lamb cooked with potatoes. Why not try both, paired with Roki’s home made wine and tasty local home made cakes?
A fun fact to know is that on the island Vis, there is also a Yugoslavian airport, as the island was a
military base during socialist Yugoslavia. Actually, for decades it was closed to visitors as a
strategically important point. Thankfully in 1992, the Yugoslav army left Vis and it transitioned to
become a perfect holiday destination.

Stiniva, island Vis via Bobovisce, island Brac to Split

On your last day, try to soak up every minute. Wake up early and sail to one of the most beautiful
and famous beaches in all of Europe – amazing Stiniva beach, a true wonder of nature. Actually,
Stiniva is currently voted as the number one beach in Europe. Stiniva is almost completely obscured from the view of passing boats and its inaccessibility is part of its allure. You can reach this stunning beach only by boat or by hiking down a steep and narrow path. Luckily enough, you are with a boat-winning!
You started your trip with island Brac, and now we are going to discover one more last bay of Brac before finishing this unbelievable week long island hopping adventure. Let’s go to the, beautiful Bobovisce bay, located on the western part of the island.

Saturday AM
Split check out by 9.00 AM

It’s time to leave your sailing home, filled with precious memories and happy smiles on your faces.
You will be feeling energized and enthusiastic, already thinking about your next sailing trip. There is so much more to see; you have only scratched the surface!

* We reserve the right to modify the route according to weather and other unforeseen conditions.
Every effort will be made to provide similar services as the ones presented above.

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