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Enjoy all the Attractions of Basilicata

Washed by two seas, the Jonio to the south-east and the Tirreno to the south-west, mountainous in the centre with peaks rising above 2,000 m, Basilicata gives itself over to the traveller, offering the excitement of the discovery of its natural beauty, of its history and prehistory, of its traditions which in some areas conserve the ancestral memories of the origins of man (Sassi di Matera).

Basilicata is a land rich in culinary traditions that it offers a great deal to anyone interested in wine and food! Pasta, traditionally made by hand, using only hard-grain flour, salt and water is a Lucanian invention. The Lucanian 'pecorino', a blend of 70% sheep's milk and 30% goat's milk which is aged from three months to one year is an exceptionally flavourful cheese. Soppressate, pork sausages cut with the point of a knife, dried and preserved in extra-virgin olive oil are an excellent example of careful production. So, it’s a good excuse to delve into more of Basilicata region’s “slow food” style!

Great Testimonial of Basilicata is Francis Ford Coppola, one the greatest movie director: (video)

Basilicata has 1 declared Unesco World Patrimony Sites:
  • 1. Sassi of Matera
Tips: For who wants to learn how to fly, do not miss Il Volo dell’Angelo, in Castelmezzano!