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Friday 28 March 2014

The Smaller the Better!

My philosophy of tourism is "the smaller, the better". Why? Because every time I stayed - the first time with my parents - in a big hotel, I always had the impression that it was a number, even if the staff was friendly and the hotel was beautifully situated with a nice decor. I always missed something: the atmosphere.
Personally, I love to wake up with a friendly mom or dad or a young and enthusiastic man who prepares a delicious Italian espresso for me, instead of a big hall with hundreds of waiting and looking people. Completely relaxed we can then talk about the plans of the next day in the garden or terrace, what can I visit and why! They always have more to tell than 100x Lonely Planet! No one can give you better information about the best and most enjoyable sights in an environment than the locals themselves !.
The big Hotel chains are not my style, they do not appeal to me, sorry. I find it important to get to know the culture of a country through other people when I travel.
So, one of the things I like about my work is to visit new accommodations every year: new experiences, new people, new surroundings and, perhaps, new friends.
This is my philosophy of tourism and fortunately I am not the only one

Written by Gianluca Pesenti Campagnoni