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Friday 14 August 2020

9 Best Villas With Swimming Pool on the Amalfi Coast

Discover the best way to create a memorable experience of the Amalfi Coast, the most seductive destination in Italy. Stay in one of the best villas with swimming pool while you get to explore the beautiful Amalfi coastline. Mostly known for its amazing beaches, local gastronomy and panoramic views capturing a wonderful sight over the clear blue sea! The South of Italy is full of wonders, and sometimes it is hard to decide what and where to visit. With this selection you will get to discover the more hidden and authentic side of the Amalfi Coast. Explore the beauty of Medieval sites such as Marmorata, Minuta, Maiori, and Vietri Sul Mare; the Roman village of Nerano; and the beauty of more popular sites such as Positano, Scala and Amalfi.

Here is the list of 9 best villas with swimming pool on the Amalfi Coast.

1. Villa Principessa – The Best Villa With Private Beach Access on the Amalfi Coast

If you haven’t heard of a tiny place called Marmorata in the South of Italy, then perhaps it is time to discover Villa Principessa and the splendid coastal view that it offers over the Amalfi Coast. The location is perfect for reaching other beautiful destinations such as Ravello, Positano, Amalfi and Capri, while enjoying the privacy and quietness of a smaller place. Villa Principessa is one of the best villas in the area of Ravello with a swimming pool, originally from the late 18th century but renovated with all the modern comfort that you need. Its charming and elegant interior with authentic floor tiles and wall décor will make your stay unique. The Villa has two floors with 3 bedrooms; the front side facing the street view and the back side facing the sea.

Why we love it: Villa Principessa is indeed a special holiday experience! You can have a lovely breakfast on a private terrace, a moment of afternoon relaxation by the swimming pool, or private access to the sea (just about 120 steps). At Villa Principessa the sunset evenings are just perfect for a romantic candlelight dinner prepared by a personal chef. No need for cooking, or even a car as you can also explore any of the nearby cities with a local bus that is just a few meters from the Villa.

Ideal for: Couples, families and a group of friends.

(Image 1. Private access to the sea by Villa Principessa)

2. Villa Minuta – Your Private Corner Of Paradise In The Heart Of Scala

Another great villa with a swimming pool on the Amalfi Coast is for sure
Villa Minuta, located on a hillside and facing the sea in the heart of Scala. Minuta is a small picturesque village, with a preserved medieval past, mostly known for its small but charming square and the Basilica of Sant'Eustachio. Villa Minuta is great for avoiding the buzz of Ravello, but at the same time having a luxurious experience surrounded by lush greenery with a swimming pool and amazing outdoor exterior with a large terrace. Perfect for a quiet escape where you can admire the panoramic view over the sea and the Amalfi Coast. The beautiful Villa is divided into three floors with three independent units, each elegantly furnished and renovated. Great for families and couples who like to enjoy their relaxing moments in privacy.

Why we love it: Just one look at the gardens of the Villa Minuta, and you will see why it is one of our favourite villas on the Amalfi Coast! The carefully tended gardens where you can have a walk and pick organic fruits for your breakfast are not to be missed! Indeed, perfect for events and also wedding ceremonies. The breath-taking panoramic view over the coastline is another unforgettable plus. Take a moment of refreshment during hot days in the swimming pool or read your favourite book before dinner in romantic surroundings on a sun kissed terrace. Villa Minuta is your private corner of paradise!

Ideal for: Honeymooners, Weddings, Couples

(Image 2. Villa Minuta outdoors)

3. Villa Magia – From A Historic Watchtower To A Luxury Villa

Originally from the 18th century, Villa Magia was once a watchtower of the Positano to warn the locals against the Saracen pirates. Talk about immersing into the local heritage! If you are looking for a unique and authentic experience on the Amalfi Coast, Villa Magia is a true gem. Built on a cliff side of Positano with a magnificent view over the sea, it truly captures the radiating style of an old décor, renovated for your enjoyable stay. With its bright and elegant interior, amazing outdoors and three swimming pools (yes, three!) it is a perfect choice whether you are planning a wedding or a holiday in Positano, and its beautiful surroundings.

Why we love it: Unique. Romantic. Unforgettable. Villa Magio is a luxury destination for couples or newly-weds who want the best of the Amalfi Coast. You can take a swim in the main swimming pool with a sun deck overlooking the clear blue sea. If you are looking for more privacy, you can book the Exclusive Suite with a private pool. We also recommend trying out their SPA and Wellness service. When it comes to food, Villa Magia offers locally sourced ingredients or products picked from their own garden. If you are looking for a romantic accommodation, Villa Magia is a great choice!

Ideal for: Couples, honeymooners

(Image 3. Villa Magia - terrace view from Doppia Deluxe room)

4. Villa Laura – Best Option For Travelling In A Group To Explore Scala and Amalfi Coast

Located in the oldest village of the Amalfi Coast, Villa Laura is surrounded by the hills of Scala with a beautiful view over the coastline. It has four fully equipped apartments named Anna, Emma, Elisa and Ilaria: each with a kitchen, a private terrace or a window facing the panorama of Ravello and the Amalfi Coast. The swimming pool looks like a picture from the cover of a magazine and the relaxing atmosphere of the area will make you forget the city noise and busy streets. If you are looking for a cosy accommodation while exploring the wonders of the Amalfi Coast, you should check out Villa Laura!

Why we love it: One of the best things about Villa Laura is the fact that it can host up to 20 people. Of course, there is the benefit of having a nice host such as Aurelio and his family who will give you a warm welcome. Scala is a great destination to travel around the Amalfi Coast and Villa Laura is just 2 km away from the historic centre of Ravello, situated in a quiet location to avoid the crowd. Furthermore, the spectacular panoramic view is truly unforgettable!

Ideal for: Large group of friends and family

(Image 4. Villa Laura - swimming pool).

5. Villa Marianna – The Best Reason to visit Nerano, A Hidden Gem of the Amalfi Coast

For centuries, the Nerano's beach of Marina del Cantone has been attracting Amalfi Coast visitors, including the Roman Emperor Tiberio Nerone who allegedly, enchanted by its beauty, built his own villa in the area and named the village Neronianum, today Nerano. Located in this small fishing village, Villa Marianna is perfect for families and a group of friends who are looking for charming accommodation in the area of Sorrento and Amalfi Coast. The Villa is divided into three levels with the highest room having an amazing view over the Li Galli Islands. Also, each level has a lovely terrace where you can relax and sunbathe, before cooling off in the shared swimming pool. Nerano is known for its fish based cuisine, great restaurants, and nearby beaches to explore. With its warm, crystal clear waters, it is calling you for a swim!

Why we love it: Villa Marianna is a lovely blend of stylish and simple interior mixed with green outdoors of olive trees and Mediterranean flowers. Carmen and Tony will make you feel the most welcome while you stay at Villa Marianna, and a welcoming basket with Sorrento oranges & lemons is quite a nice touch! Moreover, this villa is located far from more touristy places and gives you great freedom to explore the Amalfi Coast, while still staying in a preserved household of the traditional South. This is also a great opportunity to try the local speciality Spaghetti alla Nerano”, a dish based on pasta, zucchini, and cheese!

Ideal for: Families, Couples, Group of friends

(Image 5. Villa Marianna, swimming pool)

6. Villa Alba d'Oro - Historic Luxury Villa In The Heart Of Amalfi

Villa Alba D’Oro is a splendid example of a wealthy household portraying the old glory of medieval times. Situated on the upper part of the Baglio Hill in Amalfi, it has been renovated with passion preserving its authentic style. Waking up at Villa Alba might feel like a glimpse into the past! If the unique interior is not enough, Villa Alba d'Oro will also amaze you with the infinity pool from where you can gaze at the most beautiful view of the Amalfi Coast. A true sense of “between the sky and the sea”!

Why we love it: Located on the highest point, with Villa Alba d’Oro you will experience “the Amalfi Coast postcard view”, so famous and ever portrayed in the heart of the locals. Also, perfectly located to explore nearby Positano, Praiano, Ravello, Scala and more. Villa Alba D’Oro is perfect for those who seek an elegant and peaceful atmosphere in the heart of Amalfi.

Ideal for: Couples, Group of people

(Image 6. Villa Alba D’Oro, view from the terrace)

7. Villa Divina - One Of The Best Honeymoon Destinations On The Amalfi Coast

Just like the name, Villa Divina portrays a lovely elegance of a Medieval estate with a legendary background and an exquisite service that it offers today. Surrounded by lemon trees, olive groves and Mediterranean forest, Villa Divina’s estate stretches over seven hectares, facing the stunning sea view of Amalfi Coast. The peaceful ambient of the swimming pool or the smell of lemon groves will for sure relax you after a long day of sightseeing Cetara or Salerno and exploring nearby beaches. Vietri Sul Mare is a great holiday option as there are many hidden little bays to explore, only accessible by boat and perfect for a hideaway and romantic moments.

Why we love it: Idyllic. Elegant. Delightful. Also perfect for love birds who picked out Amalfi Coast as their honeymoon destination! Villa Divina is a one of a kind experience, great for relaxing and an enjoyable stay on the Amalfi Coast. Ever wondered how Limoncello is made? At Villa Divina you can have a “Lemon Tour” and learn everything you need to know about Limoncello, as they have their own lemon garden! You can also choose between a cooking class or wine tasting – the best way to eat like a local and understand the food culture of this area.

Ideal for: Honeymooners, Couples, Agritourism lovers, wine lovers

(Image 7. Villa Divina view from the terrace)

8. Villa Acqua Chiara – The Queen Of Lemon Gardens On The Amalfi Coast

If you are looking for the largest beach on the Amalfi Coast, you should definitely visit Maiori and stay at the charming Villa Acqua Chiara – your new summer home! Maiori, or once known as Città Regia, had a significant role since the Medieval ages on the Amalfi Coast. Situated just above the sea cliff, Villa Acqua Chiara offers you a stunning view over the Amalfi Coast and natural surroundings of lemon groves and green terraces. With a walking distance from the centre of Maiori where you can explore restaurants, bars and shops, Villa Acqua Chiara offers you a comfortable stay with two bedrooms, a large private terrace and an infinity swimming pool.

Why we love it: Villa Acqua Chiara has all that you need for a perfect holiday: a sunny terrace with a spectacular sea view, a swimming pool, and a solarium. Moreover, a great location with a fine domestic interior: bright and charming. There is also a personal chef on request. The beach of Maiori will lure you with its clear and greenish-blue waters. Don’t miss out on this relaxing setting if you wish to explore the authentic part of the Amalfi Coast!

Ideal for: Families, Couples, Group of friends

(Image 8. Villa Acqua Chiara, view from the terrace)

9. Viila Ibsen – A Charming Family Villa In the Hills of Amalfi

Located just 2 km from Amalfi, Villa Ibsen is a comfortable experience where you can almost feel like home while discovering the beauty of the Amalfi Coast. With two bedrooms and an extra sofa, it has an extensive garden and a terrace where you can sunbathe, relax or have a barbecue. The swimming pool is another plus, with beautiful green surroundings and as pretty as a picture over the sea view. In less than 300 steps you can take a swim on Santa Croce beach or take a public boat to Amalfi. There is much to discover in the area of the Amalfi Coast and Villa Ibsen is a great starting point!

Why we love it: Private beach. Great restaurants. Feels like home vibe. Villa Ibsen is a great choice to explore Amalfi Coast due to its location and a friendly welcome. You also don’t need to cook or go to a restaurant, if you feel like chilling at home. On request, an Italian chef will prepare your meals at a reasonable rate! If you are travelling in a bigger group or with your family, Villa Ibsen is a great choice to explore Amalfi and other beautiful towns such as Ravello and Positano.

Ideal for: Families, Group of people

(Image 9. Villa Ibsen, view with a swimming pool)

Feeling inspired by one of our villas on the Amalfi Coast? Feel free to contact us for booking or any extra question you might have. Our VesuvioTour team is here to assist you!

Written by Morana