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Tuesday 13 December 2016

5 Best most authentic places (Street food) to eat in Naples!

Naples is certainly one of the places in Italy where food is excellent, although there is only one restaurant in the city with a Michelin star. In addition to the worldwide reputation for the best and tastiest pizza, such as Sorbillo, Da Michele or Di Matteo to name a few, Naples is also a place of Street food: Pizza a portfolio, Sfogliatelle, Pizze fritte (fried pizza), Panzerotti or arancini.
We would like to recommend the 5 best places in Naples where you can eat authentic and tasty, where the Neapolitans go, small places where the locals can enjoy a few euros of traditional flavors, not just pizza!
Here our selection of authentic places in Naples ☺ Buon appetito!
Locanda del Cerriglio
Via del Cerriglio, 3, 80134 Napoli, Italy
From 1300, Locanda del Cerriglio attracted nobility and the common people, great artists and intellectuals, who visited the Porto (port) and surroundings. It is said that Caravaggio was injured in the face during a duel, right next to the locanda.
The top floor, in the past the "space of love" with prostitutes, today organizes special events and exhibitions. The lower floor has a wine cellar with a seventeenth-century fountain that inspired the poet Salvatore di Giacomo. Between the two floors, is the restaurant, decorated with fishing nets and texts written on the walls.
The cuisine is classic Neapolitan with tasty innovations: ziti alla Genovese, ragout, pasta and beans with mussels, puparuol'mbuttunat '(stuffed peppers), cuoppo, fritturina napoletana, with respect for the tradition rich in history and flavors.

Pizzeria Port'alba
Via Port'Alba, 18, 80134 Napoli, Italy
Here is officially the pizza a portafoglio (wrap pizza) originated. The idea was to offer a lighter and quick pizza as opposed to the pizzas normally found in the neighborhood. The success grew, making this pizza one of the first examples of Neapolitan Street food.

Via Materdei, 27/28, 80136 Napoli, Italy
Created in 1901 between alleys where a beautiful Sophia Loren played the role of a beautiful and adulterous pizza baker in the movie "L'oro di Napoli", is a piece of urban history. Four generations of pizza craftsmen who have preserved the deep meaning of this extraordinary dish. The oven in the center of the restaurant offers guests the opportunity to observe fast but accurate processing.
The location is very popular, but the experience is worth the wait: fried or stuffed pizzas, the most modern specialties such as the Angioletti or Corno di Maradona, and of course the classic, the Pizza Margherita, the real Queen of Napoli.

Sfogliatelle Attanasio
Vico Ferrovia, 1-4, 80142 Napoli, Italy
"Napule tre cose tene belle: 'oh mare,' o Vesuvio, e 'e sfugliatelle', literally:" Naples has three beautiful things: the sea, the Vesuvius and the Sfogliatelle (typical puff pastry) "is the old Neapolitan saying that the sfogliatella, riccia and frolla, the symbol of ancient Neapolitan pastry art, celebrates.
All lovers of this delicacy know the Antico Forno Fratelli Attanasio. It is not difficult to find, just follow the fragrant path that permeates the streets of Central Station. The location is small and only for take-away, and only serves freshly baked treats.
The irresistible crunchy riccia and the delicate sharpness of the frolla, the tasty and fragrant fillings that melt in your mouth. The Sfogliatella of Attanasio is, according to those who have been there, a mystical experience that generates addiction, where the aromas of this magical city come together.

Taralli e Birra

Not really a place, but every chalet from Mergellina and the whole Lungomare of Napoli.
With the help of a modern expression, one can say that Taralli e Birra is the Neapolitan version of happy hour, in the sense of really happy moment! The Tarallo "sugna e pepe" is one of the symbols of Naples, but little known to tourists. The characteristic kiosks serve them warm and fragrant, accompanied by an ice cold beer. The combination is perfect.
Neapolitans often take this joy, as an aperitif, after a walk, or at the end of a night partying. Last but not least: it is almost mandatory to stop in front of Taralli e Birra on the coast, and enjoy it for the most beautiful bay in the world.

Written by Gianluca