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Borgo Antichi Orti Assisi


Ideal for

Group of Friends, Solo Traveler, Families



Recommended for honeymoons, Elegant atmosphere, Wine tasting, Swimming pool, Slow Food, Restaurant, Pets allowed, Olive oil tasting, Internet Wi fi, Borghi d'Italia, Airconditioning,


A journey into the roots of the past, an emotional and sensorial experience where present and future meet. This is Antichi Orti, this is the magic of a unique place, in its essence. A unique place, a future meeting place for cultural, professional and scientific exchanges, the sign of art, education, cuisine and hospitality. A library of ninety-eight species of herbs and spices that enters the inn and in the spagyric laboratory. A new vision with the Recovery of an ancient knowledge perfectly in line with the world that wants to put man back at the center of his unity of body, mind, spirit and emotions. Vision scientifically makes use of the recent discoveries of quantum physics and biophysics on the energy fields emitted by living matter. In the Locanda del Borgo Antichi Orti, you can indulge in a food andwine experience that revisits the ancient tradition of local cuisine in a base of local products and present in our gardens. We respect any kind of intolerance, celiac disease, or other dietary needs by communicating at the time of booking.

Twelve rooms connected to the twelve signs of the zodiac. Each sign belongs to an element that in turn is combined with the herbs and spices that are present outside and in a suite. Each number has a stereotype. You can know the meaning of the
way in which you can discover the herbs and spices combined that give benefits.


Assisi -> 1.00 km

Perugia -> 15.00 km

Roma -> 180.00 km

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Swimming pool

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Pet allowed

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Mountain Bike

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Internet Wi-Fi

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High chair

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Hair dryer

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Coffee machine

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Classic (2+2 Guests)


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01/01/2020 - 23/12/2020




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