Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa

learn to fly: Volo dell'Angelo

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tha land of Sassi di Matera and Francis Ford Coppola


Washed by two seas, the Jonio to the south-east and the Tirreno to the south-west, mountainous in the centre with peaks rising above 2,000 m, Basilicata gives itself over to the traveller, offering the excitement of the discovery of its natural beauty, of its history and prehistory, of its traditions which in some areas conserve the ancestral memories of the origins of man (Sassi di Matera). Basilicata is a land rich in culinary traditions that it offers a great deal to anyone interested in wine and food! Pasta, traditionally made by hand, using only hard-grain flour, salt and water is a Lucanian invention. The Lucanian 'pecorino', a blend of 70% sheep's milk and 30% goat's milk which is aged…

Castelmezzano e Pietrapertosa

The beautiful Dolomiti Lucane are characterized by high peaks whose shapes suggested fanciful names, such as the “Golden Eagle”, the “Anvil”, the “Great Mother”, the “Owl”. They are part of a mountain range dating back 15 million years ago. Close to the Dolomites, there are two charming villages of Basilicata: Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa.

Two jewels set in the green heart of Basilicata. The two small villages of Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa live in symbiosis, one in front of the other, separeted by a valley and over a thousand meters of altitude in the heart of Basilicata. From both villages you can enjoy a extremely suggestive view. Visiting the fortified center of Pietrapertosa, with little narrow streets until the top of Dolomiti Lucane, is a special experience. Penetrates progressively into an interior space constructed by nature, shaped by the weather, across sandstone rocks. Gigantic natural sculptures of thousand-year. They are the sentinels of the villages of Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa.

Il Volo dell’Angelo

Securely tied with by a special harness and hooked to a steel cable experience the thrill of flight! This is the Volo de’Angelo (Angel’s fly). One minutes between the two hils where Pietrapertosa and Castelmezzano are build, flying over the vally. The launch begin in San Martino from Pietrapertosa (quota 1020 meters) and reaches Castelmezzano (altitude 859 m of arrival) after covering 1415 m reaching a maximum speed of 110 km/h.
The line fishing, instead, will launch from Castelmezzano (quota starting 1019 meters) and reach Pietrapertosa (altitude 888 m of arrival) by touching 120 km / h over a distance of 1452 meters!

Albergo Diffuso Costellazioni - Pietrapertosa

Bed&Breakfast in Pietrapertosa (Potenza), volo dell'angelo, special experience.

Albergo Diffuso Costellazioni - Pietrapertosa

Pietrapertosa (Basilicata) is at 1100 meters, overlooking the valley and the Dolomiti Lucane and has been declared the most beautiful Borghi d’Italia. The concept of “Albergo Diffuso” is like a hotel composed of scattered houses in the entire old town. Narrow streets without cars will bring you to the last century. 13 houses spread in the village, all with fresh and comfortable interior and furniture. Named has the constellation: Andromeda, Cassiopeia, Pegasus, etc. Dolomiti Lucane are mountains that remain, in their shape, the famous Dolomiti. There are several starting points from the village to enjoy this spectacular spot. One or two days in Pietrapertosa, also good for relaxing and enjoying the calm and quiet life of this peculiar village. Instead, for who wants to live an adrenalin experience, here the “Volo del’’Angelo”! Flying using the peaks of the overhanging rocks, whose walls were anchored and stretched to the length of 1400 meters where two steel cables reach from Pietrapertosa to Castelmezzano, to the other side of the valley. Check this video to know more: